King's Bounty 2: guide and advice to start your adventure in Nostria

King's Bounty 2: guide and advice to start your adventure in Nostria

King's Bounty 2

King's Bounty 2 offers a new take on the acclaimed fantasy series by blending strategy and role-playing together. The 1C Entertainment title is practically divided into two distinct phases. We will travel into the realm of Nostria with the third person view, facing missions, exploring the wilderness and interacting with the various personalities we will meet along our path (just like a Dragon Age or The Witcher 3). When it comes to fighting, however, the perspective will switch to turn-based tactical combat with an overhead view. At that point, players will have to use their wits and wits to make the most of their units and emerge victorious.

Not sure where to start? No fear. In this guide of King's Bouty 2 you will find a series of useful tips to start your adventure in the kingdom of Nostria in the best possible way.

The choice of the protagonist

King's Bounty 2: Aivar, Katharine and Elisa, the three protagonists Before you can start your adventure in King's Bounty 2 you will have to choose the protagonist among the three characters that the game offers: the warrior Aivar, the sorceress Katharine and the paladine Elisa. Each has different origins, as well as perks (passive bonuses or malus) and some Ideal starting points, which we will discuss in more detail later. The choice of character is important and changes the way the plot evolves and the way you face the battles, as each of them favors different combat units and approaches to battle.

Aivar is the classic warrior mercenary, contemptuous of danger and seeking power. He is well versed in combat, but with limited command skills and little like magic. Units under his command can count on enhanced combat stats. Aivar begins the adventure with three points of the ideal Power and with the following perks:

Battle Preparation 1: The hero gains +3 combat points. Practice 1: If you win, increase the XP of your units by 10%. Power Balance 1: The morale drop of ideal Power units is reduced by 1 when combined with different ideal units. Smite 1: Increase the damage dealt by an allied unit by 5% for each soldier wounded in this unit.

Katharine is an expert in arcade knowledge and a powerful sorceress. She favors Cunning over Power and is capable of casting powerful spells in battle. Katharine begins the adventure with three points in the Cunning ideal and the following perks:

Magic of Air and Fire 1: she Allows you to learn the spells of Air and Fire from the scrolls. Earth and Ice Magic 1: Lei Allows you to learn the spells of Ice and Stone from the scrolls. Cunning Balance: The morale drop of units of the Cunning ideal is reduced by 1 when combined with units of other ideals. Insidious Maneuver 1: When dealing damage, gives the allied unit a 25% chance to remove a random positive effect from the enemy and apply it to itself.

Elisa is a paladin capable of both magical and combat abilities, but she does not excel in either area. On the other hand, you can assemble large units in a short time. She begins the adventure with three points of the ideal Order and with the following perks:

Magic of Light and Life 1: she Allows you to learn the spells of Light and Life from the scrolls. Order Balance 1: The morale drop of ideal Order units is reduced by 1 when combined with units of other ideals. Protection 1: All allied units gain +5 armor in the first combat round. Phantom Armor 1: All allied units gain +5 stamina in the first round of combat.

What is the best character to start King's Bounty 2? The answer is obvious: the one you like best and that best suits your style of play.

Ideals, moral choices and Talents

King's Bounty 2 King's Ideals Bounty 2 practically represent your hero's moral alignment. There are four in total and they allow access to different skills (Talents): Order, Anarchy, Power and Cunning. As you have probably already guessed, the ideals are diametrically opposed to each other in pairs of two, that is:

Power is the opposite of Cunning Order is the opposite of Anarchy

Based on your moral choices and how you act during the game's quests, you could earn points for a certain Ideal. For example, if you are given the opportunity to face enemies head-on or avoid the fight using a ploy, with the more direct approach you will get points in Power, while in the second case you will increase the Cunning value.

Based on your character's Ideal points, you will be able to access different branches of Talents. You will unlock new abilities based on the value of an Ideal, which means that you can potentially get all the Talents of a given Ideal and at the same time get some of the opposite as well. Talents can be learned with the relative points, obtained by leveling up your character.

Keep in mind, however, that your character, having reached a certain level of an Ideal, may refuse to make actions and choices of the opposite alignment. A practical example is the paladin Elisa who starts with three Order points and who in one of the very first moral choices of the game (whether to kill a group of dwarves or humans) will refuse to choose the option linked to Anarchy.

As already explained in our review of King's Bounty 2, the system of Ideals and Talents works great in combat, giving more depth to the strategic side, but it impoverishes the RPG structure of the title, since basically the player will be almost forced to take certain choices and actions to increase the ideal points, even when they are the least palatable or interesting.

Fortunately, the game is much less rigid when it comes to resetting Talent points. If at some point you find that you have "thrown" some points on a skill that is not for you, just click on the button in the lower left part of the Talents panel (or press the associated button if you play on console) to restore them all. The first reset is completely free, while the following ones will require a small amount of gold.

Each leader has his units

King's Bounty 2 During quests and exploration King's Bounty 2 is a real third-person RPG. But as soon as you meet a group of enemies the game becomes a real strategy, where preparation is as important as the decisions you make in battle.

Your character does not participate directly in the battles, but rather gives orders to units under his command. The battlefield is represented in a hexagonal grid, where an allied or enemy unit can be inside each "box". Command level (which increases with level, equipping certain armor, interacting with sanctuaries scattered around the game world or with Talents) determines how many members of a given unit can join your army.

Also the units belong to a specific Ideal. Using one that embodies an alignment opposite to that of the protagonist lowers their morale. However, if you have units that espouse your principles then they will get a morale bonus, increasing the chances of gaining an extra turn in combat.

In addition to regular attacks, each unit has its own passive perks, actions or abilities. . Before starting a battle you will have the possibility to control the enemy army and consequently choose your best troops to deploy. Also during the fight you can replace an active unit with a reserve one. In this sense, it is therefore recommended to have many types of units to cope with different scenarios.

If you find yourself involved in a conflict, but you are not properly prepared, you can retire with the appropriate option in the preparation menu of the battle. This will bring you back to a point before the fight, thus giving you a way to better organize yourself. Get into the good habit of healing wounded units at the end of each fight, to do so just pay a small amount of money in the summary menu at the end of the fight. A unit in full health will be less likely to die in battle, so it is definitely a recommended investment.

Units can be purchased from Recruiting NPCs for gold. There are, however, some cases where you could get new troops by tackling quests. While it is true that at the beginning of the adventure it is a good idea to buy new troops to reinforce your army, as you progress we advise you to save resources rather than investing gold in non-essential units, especially those that clash with your character's Ideals. >

Other useful tips

King's Bounty 2 Like any self-respecting RPG in King's Bounty 2 you can save your progress in multiple save slots. The game automatically saves every time a battle is about to start or you earn an Ideal point, but the advice is to take advantage of multiple saves especially when you embark on a new quest, perhaps occupying a slot before an important dialogue or a particularly difficult choice. You never know when a misplaced action or phrase of yours could create a ruckus. In these cases, simply reload the save and try again.

Another important thing is to explore the scenarios far and wide, you never know when you might find some loot hidden in a barrel or a chest. Similarly, you may come across statues / altars that donate extra points to your character's or unit's stats. Don't forget to activate the fast travel points as soon as you meet one, it will make your life much easier when you have to move between areas of the game world.

To finish a couple of slightly more practical tips: once the Fort Crucis adventure begins, you will be asked to speak to a recruiter NPC who will "lend" you a unit with three spearmen. The NPC itself will offer you the chance to get a unit of war dogs for a small amount of money, an investment that will prove useful for the first few battles. You will also be given a horse before leaving for the adventure - check the stables for some extra loot. Shortly after leaving the fortress you will come across the first optional quest and the game's first moral choice: help dwarves defend themselves from a group of fierce humans or take sides with them. By helping the dwarves you can purchase wolves and dwarf units with excellent skills to tackle the initial stages of King's Bounty 2.

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