Junji Ito x S’YTE: the new horror clothing collection

Junji Ito x S’YTE: the new horror clothing collection

Junji Ito x S’YTE

S’YTE, as shared on its official Twitter account, will collaborate with artist Junji Ito, one of the best horror masters around. Author of countless scary stories that have permeated the consciences of manga and anime fans, Junji Ito recently won two awards at the 33rd Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards in the categories of "Best Asian Opera" and "Best Writer / Artist".

Now, some of his spookiest creations will be the stars of a clothing line that will fascinate all fans of the maestro's horror stories.

Junji Ito x S'YTE: the new collection of horror themed clothing

This is not the first time that the master Junji Ito collaborates with S'YTE, but the third. The first collaboration took place in 2019, in which the author presented the Uzumaki manga and the second in 2020 in which he presented the Tomie manga, manga that have received a great positive response both in Japan and abroad.

Now, the design conceived for this new collection is inspired by Igata Sekai. The clothes feature many designs in both color and exquisite black and white, as well as illustrations from Hanging Balloon and a collage of famous scenes from the Tomie manga.

The new items will be available at THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO , Yohji Yamamoto's official web store, from 12:00 today 28th August.

About Junji Ito

Junji Ito is considered one of the most important horror writers in the world. Born in 1963, he grew up in the countryside, in a small town near Nagano. In the house where he lived the bathroom was at the end of an underground tunnel infested with grasshoppers, such experiences will greatly influence his works.

In Italy his works are published by various publishing houses. Star Comics has published Uzumaki - Spirale, Gyo and Remina - L'Asto Infernale, J-POP has instead published Tomie, Brivido and other stories, Planet Manga has published Yon and Mu and Hikari has published Lovesick Dead.

His latest work is Genkai Chitai, very loosely translated as The Disquieting Zone, still unpublished in our country.

The animated series Junji Ito Collection is available on Crunchyroll Italia, from which Funko POPs have been produced ! themed.

If you are passionate about the works of Junji Ito we suggest you to retrieve Tomie available on Amazon!

Latest Trailer for Toonami's 'Uzumaki' Adaptation Highlights Creator Junji Ito

The newest trailer for Toonami and Production IG’s adaptation of Uzumaki has given fans a closer look into the mind of the creator himself, Junji Ito. The mangaka, along with a number of important figures who are working on the miniseries, speak on the importance of Ito’s creativity, his horror manga and what they hope to deliver with the adaptation.

According to Ito, he attributes the basis of his work and the general interest in the horror genre to the curiosity about things we don’t understand. Comparing it to the exploration of mysteries, he explains, “It’s like when you see something scary, or when you’re wondering what is beyond the darkness. I want to know those kinds of things.”

Anime director Hiroshi Nagahama and writer Aki Itami, along with Shogakukan Inc. publishing house editor Sayuri Kinjo also spoke on the terrifying genius of Ito. “Mr. Ito himself is the type who is very attuned to the minor details of ordinary life,” Kinjo explained. “A theme Uzumaki deals with [is] luring people in and attracting them, which is the nature of a spiral, or Uzumaki,” Nagahama said, with Itami adding, “The sense of speed, the tempo…Of course in a script, all these things are difficult. But for me, the most important after scariness is beauty.”

Watch the new trailer above. Uzukami arrives on Toonami sometime in 2020.

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