The videogame that looks like Gta set in the Middle Ages

The videogame that looks like Gta set in the Middle Ages

Rustler is inspired by the first chapters of the glorious Rockstar series, moving the setting to the time of the knights

(Photo: Jutsu Games / Modus) From Grand Theft Auto to Grand Theft Horse: today debuts on PC and console a new interesting video game entitled Rustler, which immediately expresses the deep inspiration from the first glorious chapters of Gta with a top view, but moving the setting and plot to the medieval era. From horses instead of cars to bards who play instead of radios to the smallest details for true connoisseurs, this title cleverly mixes elements from games of twenty years ago with modern dynamics.

Developed by Jutsu Games and distributed by Modus Games, this action-adventure game does not take itself seriously at all and describes itself as “historically inaccurate”. The unlikely protagonist who runs around the medieval open world is Guy (dude), a sort of bully who is perfect forerunner of the various characters of the Rockstar Game titles, dedicated to nothingness and libations, instead of helping his mother in the fields. br>
(Photo: Jutsu Games / Modus) Guy can steal horses - including yellow-black taxi substitutes - rob, take part in numerous missions and of course keep well away from the royal guards. When the escape through the alleys of the city is not enough, it is possible to go to one of the various Pimp My Horse to paint the poor horse's coat and escape capture. As you can imagine, instead of guns and rifles there is a rich choice of sidearms such as swords, spears and knives as well as horse excrement found on the street.

(Photo: Jutsu Games / Modus) Instead of the radios to listen to, you can hire an unfortunate bard and to change the song you just need to give him a solid punch, while among the criminals that you can meet on the path he could not miss the clergy. The final tribute to the first GTAs is the command that makes Guy emit loud flatulence. There are many secondary challenges that accompany the main story that plans to go from neighborhood fool to squire, winner of the Grand Tournament that is giving away the hand of the princess.

Rustler is official today August 31 and you can play on Ps5 and Ps4, Xbox One and Series X or S, Nintendo Switch as well as on PC. It is also available on Amazon at a price of 30-41 euros depending on the platform.

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