Flight Simulator, 10 songs to listen to during your flights

Flight Simulator, 10 songs to listen to during your flights

Flight Simulator

During a long plane ride, it is customary to isolate ourselves from what surrounds us to focus our attention on a book, a film, a video game, on the landscape that slowly flows out of the window (if you are lucky), perhaps while you are listening. the music we like. In a flight simulator, things do not change much, except for the fact that we must always be vigilant, since we are no longer passengers, but pilots.

Anything that involves looking away from the screen is inadvisable, because in the cockpit the situation can change from one moment to the next. However, a background soundtrack not only serves to entertain us a little more during a flight, but even manages to enhance some features, such as the dreamy panoramas through which we find ourselves passing, among menacing clouds, mountain ranges and oceans apparently. boundless. For this reason, we have decided to share with you a playlist to use during your routes, with sounds that, in our opinion, go perfectly with what you will be facing.

Below we propose 10 songs from listen during your flights on Flight Simulator.

How does Flight Simulator “sound”

Flight Simulator: which sounds are best suited to the game? Flight Simulator is a video game quite suitable for an extra-explanation musical accompaniment, since there is completely no soundtrack during the actual game. This can please those who appreciate listening to the various and peculiar noises of the aircraft with which you are passing. However, after an hour of flight the monotony could start to be felt. This is when the music comes into play.

Basically, given the relative adaptability of the title, every song that you appreciate or that you want to hear can perfectly accompany your adventure in the clouds. Nonetheless, the nature of the game would seem to lead to a preference for some sounds over others. Just look at its characteristics to start finding ideas.

There is an initial thrust, given by take-off, which exalts the pilot, followed by the ground which moves away more and more dizzily, until it reaches a level that stabilizes the world at our feet, which seems to proceed slowly, slowly. Therefore, we have elements of strong momentum, but also more delicate moments, all linked by an unparalleled fluidity, where you never stop for a second and move from one situation to another in a few moments. One can associate these sensations with pieces with retained notes, perhaps created by a group of strings, or even by some well-exploited synthesizer.

Furthermore, given the many relaxed moments thousands of meters above the ground, not it seems out of place to connect the latter with equally dreamy, fluid and well-blended sounds, which manage to accompany the sinuous movements of the plane. Do not forget, however, what surrounds us. The landscapes proposed in Flight Simulator can amaze at any moment with their majesty. So, even a pinch of epicity doesn't hurt.

“Lovely Day” by alt-J

Flight Simulator: Lovely Day by alt-J One of the songs we used the most during our flights was Lovely Day, a bonus track from alt-J's This Is All Yours album. It is a particularly apt piece, which manages to integrate well with the visual element practically at all times, from take-off to landing. This is thanks to its "equivocal" nature, between melancholy and hopeful, which gives precisely that idea of ​​floating in another reality.

“L'aérogramme de Los Angeles” by Woodkid and Louis Garrel

Flight Simulator: Woodkid and Louis Garrel's LA aérogramme de Los Angeles In this duet between Woodkid and Louis Garrel we find a relaxed soul, but also alert, sometimes somber. The Los Angeles aérogramme contains a fluid chaos, in constant change, but, nevertheless, perfectly balanced. Ideal for high-altitude flights, perhaps just above a stormy cloud bank.

“In Fantasia” by Kishi Bashi

Flight Simulator: In Fantasia by Kishi Bashi In Fantasia , a delicate piece by the American singer-songwriter Kishi Bashi, not only seems to contain every element evoked by the game (lightness and harmony, but also impetus and disruptive): it also has a fairly important duration, since it exceeds seven minutes. Consequently, it is able to accompany you for a long time with sounds that can emphasize even the less interesting moments.

“The Debt” by Half Moon Run

Flight Simulator: The Debt by Half Moon Run On a completely different level we find The Debt by Half Moon Run, a song that starts with such lightness as to be perfect for a flight between patches of clouds at low altitude, and then ends up in an emotional explosion comparable only to the unveiling of an amazing sunset after emerging from a thick blanket of clouds.

“Becoming Ocean” by Felix Rösch

Flight Simulator: Becoming Ocean by Felix Rösch With a slightly nostalgic twist, Becoming Ocean by Felix Rösch makes your mind go back to an undefined videogame past, which has faded with the passing of the years and which now seems only a pale indefinable memory. In any case, the piece still manages to stand out thanks to the use of electronic sounds able to leave a sort of quiet as they pass.

"Only Young" by DARKSIDE

Flight Simulator : Only Young by DARKSIDE Extremely calm, Only Young by the New York duo DARKSIDE is articulated in a particularly relaxed way, while not hiding a certain strength of character, enhanced by a guitar solo that steals the show. It seems the perfect piece to fly over the great American coastal cities.

“Sunday” by the Foals

Flight Simulator: Sunday by the Foals For those who want to experience an epic of emotions, the associated Sunday of the Foals a Flight Simulator is perhaps the choice that we feel the most to recommend. With its undulating course, which proceeds almost inertia, the piece will know how to blend and merge with the adventurous nature of the title, making you appreciate more the wild horizons that you will find yourself crossing.

"Ritual" by the Other Lives

Flight Simulator: Ritual by the Other Lives Let's pull the throttle back a little, just enough to enjoy the view accompanied by Ritual, a truly hypnotic song that manages to enhance every moment aboard any aircraft (we we recommend pairing it with a Cessna brought low between the Norwegian fjords).

“The Curse” by Agnes Obel

Flight Simulator: The Curse by Agnes Obel With its arches marked by the bewitching voice of Agnes Obel, The Curse is ideal both when you are embarking on a long flight of the line (with the mighty dimensions of the Boeing that seem to blend with the incisive sonority of the song), and if you find yourself fluttering carefree, without a precise destination.

“De Usuahia a la Quiaca” by Gustavo Santaolalla

Flight Simulator: De Usuahia a la Quiaca by Gustavo Santaolalla We don't like recommending songs created to be associated with another audiovisual work. However, at times, the complementarity is so high that it is difficult not to propose a juxtaposition. Taken from the film The motorcycle diaries, the track De Usuahia a la Quiaca (composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, who is behind both musical comments of The Last Of Us), is incredibly compatible with Flight Simulator, perhaps precisely because both share the theme of " travel "as a cornerstone of the experience they intend to propose. A must when flying over any region of South America, large or small.

Our Flight Simulator playlist on Spotify!

Below you can find our complete playlist inspired by the atmospheres of Flight Simulator, containing these and other songs specially selected to best accompany your adventures in the skies.

We remind you that you can also find playlists of games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here are our 10 songs to listen to during your flights on Flight Simulator. Now, however, we want to know which are the songs that keep you company while you are thousands of meters high. We look forward to seeing you in the comments.

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