The J-Pop Manga releases on September 1st

The J-Pop Manga releases on September 1st

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP Manga releases of 1 September 2021 have been disseminated. Noteworthy is the number 7 of Blue Period and the volume 2 of Beyond The Clouds.

The J-Pop Manga releases on September 1st

Beyond the clouds 2

€ 6.50

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Theo ha decided to help Mia fly again, but their hiding place is discovered by three sinister individuals trying to kidnap the winged child! When all seems lost, the little girl makes a gigantic feline appear out of nowhere that puts the attackers to flight, only to collapse in exhaustion. The young inventor is slightly hurt in the comparison, but Mia falls victim to a fever that gets worse and worse ... Her only hope would be the remedy of the sage of the forest: unfortunately, the grumpy old man has no intention of giving his secrets to anyone!

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Blue Period 7

by Tusbasa Yamaguchi

€ 6.50

Yatora Yagushi passed the Tokyo Geidai entrance exam on the first try. While his heart is filled with anxieties and hopes, new, extravagant encounters await him at the opening ceremony of the academic year!

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Game of Familia 3

by Mikoto Yamaguchi and DP

€ 6.90

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In search of a way to return to his own world, Sasae set out with an escort for Daba to assassinate the mad king Ganpail. Along the way, however, the group is attacked by soldiers from his kingdom, Sasae tries to counterattack, but a seal is active on those lands that renders the magic useless and Manako is kidnapped. In anger, Sasae swears revenge against Daba and weaves a diabolical plan to unlock the magic in the kingdom. Meanwhile, King Ganpail's violent hand looms over Manako.

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So, I'm a spider so what? 8

by Asahiro Kakashi, Okina Baba and Tsukasa Kiryu

€ 6.50

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The preparations are over. Finally my fateful confrontation with Araba has begun! My plans proved to be of some use, and I managed to get myself into an advantageous position ... But the dragon, tightened wings, did something I just didn't expect from a monster! It's not right! I mean, acquiring new skills so suddenly is a good and good scam, don't you think ?!

Tsugumi Project 2

by ippatu

6,50 €

Lost in the middle of a devastated Tokyo, Leon soon realizes that the ruins are populated by numerous creatures, for the most part hostile ... Despite everything, he is determined to continue on his mission, the only chance he has to to see his wife and son again one day!

Fortunately, however, the new inhabitants of the city are not all hostile to Leon ... Tsugumi, a girl with bird legs, and Doudou, an ex-spy in the his own situation, they seem ready to help him. With these unlikely allies, will he survive the monsters around him?

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Metamorphosis 4 (of 5)

By Kaori Tsurutani

€ 9.90

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The friendship between two people, even if very different between them, it can blossom for the most unthinkable reasons. On a hot summer day, a 75-year-old woman discovers in a bookstore a genre of comics she had never heard of before her, Boy 's Love, and she does she is immediately kidnapped. An interest that he will learn to navigate with the help of the teenage saleswoman, in what will become a passion to share, the engine of a sweet and unpredictable sisterhood.

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Lady Oscar Collection - The Roses of Versailles box Vol. 8

by Riyoko Ikeda

€ 14.00

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After concluding the main saga in 1973, from 1984 to 2018 Ikeda returned on several occasions to tell new stories of the "Roses of Versailles", in a long series of stories that deepen and continue the events of the original series: The Duchess in Black, The Gothic Stories and the Episodes. The definitive edition finally arrives for this splendid anthology, with color pages and chapters unpublished in Italy!

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