The J-Pop Manga releases on July 21, 2021

The J-Pop Manga releases on July 21, 2021

The J-Pop Manga releases on July 21

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP Manga releases of 21 July 2021 were released. Noteworthy is the debut of I Diari della Speziale and the single volume Love from the other side - Nagabe Short Stories.

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The J-Pop Manga releases of 21 July 2021

The apothecary's diaries 1

by Natsu Hyuuga, Ikki Nanao and Nekokurage

€ 6.50

Maomao, a young pharmacist from the red light district of the capital, is sold in spite of herself as a scullery maid at the imperial court. Although she longs to be free, she finds herself not disdaining the all in all comfortable life that she has managed to carve out for herself in the palace, where, without getting noticed, she is able to continue her studies in herbal medicine and on the preparation of poisons. Faced with an evil that afflicts the emperor's children, Maomao nevertheless feels he is coming forward and, taking advantage of her knowledge, she manages to save their lives. The girl thus attracts the attention of the handsome eunuch Jinshi, who has very specific plans in mind for her: it's time for the former herbalist to go back to preparing potions in, um, stable plant!

Buy The apothecary's diaries 1 on Amazon.

Love from the other side - Nagabe Short Stories

12.00 €

Love comes in many forms. A magnificent bird comforts a girl in distress; a vampire dances at night with a young woman; a blind girl lives with a monster that she hides more than meets the eye. These and other unpublished stories make up this precious collection of short stories by Nagabe (Girl From The Other Side), an extraordinary mangaka whose work continues to masterfully explore fascinating, diverse, rich and relationships that refuse to be labeled.

Danmachi- Sword Oratoria 17

by Fujino Omori and Takashi Yagi

5,90 €

To get clues about a key to the artificial maze of Knossos, Bete accepts an appointment with Lena, an Amazon who feels unrequited affection for him. Although with a small accident during which Ais catches him in the act, the werewolf finally manages to get the information he hoped for. Going to the hiding place, however, he and Lena are suddenly attacked by a group of assassins. road to the two is Valletta, their worst enemy.

Buy Danmachi- Sword Oratoria 17 on Amazon.

Kakegurui 14

by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura

6.90 €

Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome got the majority of the votes and Terano Totobami of the hundred Bami clan finally decides to come out in the open, challenging them. As a scales of the clans, she finds it difficult to let Kirari act undisturbed. Whoever is united by a bond must be respected, even if weak…

Inner conflicts ignite this fourteenth volume.

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Komi can't communicate 8

by Tomohito Oda | the first time in her life, Komi goes on a school trip. In middle school she could not find the courage to go because she had no friends to share the experience with, so she is full of anxieties ... But now next to her there is Tadano, who will sweep away her worries. She and then many other companions with whom to walk the streets of Kyoto, make war with pillows, visit the baths and exchange confidences. Lots of good times to live, so much so that sleeping will seem like a waste of time.

Buy Komi can't communicate 8 on Amazon. Haru, the eldest of the four Kaido brothers, leaves for Canada in pursuit of the little one of the house, who is there for a school trip. Ren discovers that he can no longer sleep without his brother by his side, but, just when the two confirm once again how important they are to each other, Professor Kodaka steps in…

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Karma Of Purgatory Vol. 4

By Shun Hirose and Negi Haruba

Price: € 5.90

Makoto's existence she is hellish, at school she is a victim of bullies and at her father's house. Only the crush on his classmate Kirisaki keeps him going, and when he receives compliments from her for his skill in drawing he is convinced that a happier life is possible ... But fate has an even crueler joke in mind for him which pushes him to suicide, and all this does not seem to be enough: awakened in a kind of purgatory, Makoto discovers that he has to return to Earth to help those he would have damaged with his death!

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