The editions BD and J-POP Manga releases on June 30, 2021

The editions BD and J-POP Manga releases on June 30, 2021

The editions BD and J-POP Manga releases on June 30

The Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga releases of June 30, 2021 have been disseminated through the official website of the publishing house. To report Death Stranding Box Vol. 1-2, the novel in two volumes inspired by the video game created by Hideo Kojima. Il Metamorphosis - Box (Vol. 1-5) and the third volume of Something is Killing the Children. There is also the debut, again for Edizioni BD, of Hexed.

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Editions BD and J-POP Manga releases of 30 June 2021

The J-POP Manga releases of June 30, 2021

Death Stranding BOX (Vol. 1-2) - Novel

By Hideo Kojima and Hitori Nojima

Price: € 12.50

The cult videogame created by the brilliant Hideo Kojima is transported on paper in an exciting two-volume novel by Hitori Nojima, author of the prose adaptations of Metal Gear Solid. A series of supernatural phenomena known as Death Stranding have rocked the planet. The survivors live dispersed in micro communities and it will be the turn of Sam Porter Bridges, the legendary courier with the power to return from the world of the dead, reconnect them with each other, traveling through a world devastated and infested with otherworldly threats!

Buy Death Stranding BOX (Vol. 1-2) - Novel on Amazon.

Metamorphosis - BOX (VOL. 1-5)

By Kaori Tsurutani

Price: € 49.50

The friendship between two people, even if very different from each other, can blossom for the most unthinkable reasons. On a hot summer day, a 75-year-old woman discovers a genre of comics in the bookstore she had never heard of before, Boy's Love, and she is immediately hooked. An interest that she will learn to navigate with the help of the teenage saleswoman, in what will become a passion to be shared, the engine of a sweet and unpredictable sisterhood.

Buy Metamorphosis - BOX (VOL. 1-5) on Amazon.

Daisy Jealousy

By Ogeretsu Tanaka

Price: € 7.50

Since childhood, Misaki has loved video games and aspires to be part of a important software house. That's why she enrolls in a game design school and there she meets Kaname, a talented emerging designer. In Misaki's soul, a great rivalry immediately arises with his fellow student, which soon turns into frustration, due to Kaname's unattainable ability. But Misaki's feelings for his schoolmate seem to hide much more than just envy…

Buy Daisy Jealousy on Amazon.

Golden Kamui 23

By Satoru Noda

Price: € 6.90

In the midst of the Meiji Era Saichi Sugimoto, a former elite soldier who survived one of the bloodiest battles of the Russo-Japanese war, has left the army by now only goal: to find enough gold to keep the widow of his best friend who died in the war. The gold rush takes him to Hokkaido, the far north of Japan inhabited by the mysterious people of the Ainu and where according to a legend someone has hidden a huge quantity of the precious yellow metal ... but Sugimoto is not the only one to follow the tracks that lead to the hidden treasure and to find it he will have to face ruthless gangs of criminals, the army and the prohibitive climate of Hokkaido with the help of a young and determined Ainu seeking revenge.

Buy Golden Kamui 23 on Amazon.

Radiation House 10

By Tomohiro Yokomaku and Taishi Mori

Price: € 6.50

Dr. Tsujimura works as a volunteer sports doctor for a soccer team. When Ueda, one of the team's veteran players, stops participating in training, the doctor decides to visit him and discovers that the athlete is thinking of retiring due to an illness of unknown origins. Tsujimura does not want to give up, so he begins to investigate Ueda's problem, taking the player to the Amakasu polyclinic to repeat the diagnostic tests, without finding any anomalies. But when Iori compares the new MRI of Ueda's cercello with the old one, he notices something strange…

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Dungeon Food 9

By Ryoko Kui

Price: € 6.90

The adventures of Laios, Farin and companions continue to discover the thousand mysteries that surround the dungeon.

Buy Dungeon Food 9 on Amazon.

Akebi's school uniform 7

Di Hiro

Price: € 6.50

We are on the second day of the first trip to Tokyo of Komichi Akebi, the girl with the sailor uniform of the prestigious Robai women's institute, together with her friends! In their company, Komichi experiences feelings of sadness, happiness and impatience… a real kaleidoscope of emotions! Between the sun shining in the sky, the fireworks and a dip in the pool, for Komichi and her friends, these will surely be unforgettable holidays!

Buy Akebi 7's school uniform on Amazon.

Servamp 16

By Strike Tanaka

Price: € 4.90

When Mahiru Shirota picks up a black cat from the street, she doesn't imagine that her "pet" is actually… a Servamp, a servant vampire! And he doesn't even imagine how much the contract that binds him to Kuro is going to put him in danger!

Buy Servamp 16 on Amazon.

86 - Eighty Six 2

by Asato Asato, Motoki Yoshihara

€ 6.50

For a long time the Republic of San Magnolia and its neighbor, the Empire, fought in a war between unmanned military vehicles called the Legion, with no human casualties… or so, at least, the official version goes. Outside the 85 districts of the Republic, in an area that is theoretically non-existent, it continues to mercilessly fight the detachment known as the Eighty Six, made up of young women and men. This is the tale of the last days of their hard and sad battle!

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The BD Editions releases of June 30, 2021

Hexed 1

by Micheal Alan Nelson, Emma Rios and Dan Mora

Price: € 18.00

Lights Jennifer Inacio Das Neves (for friends, "Lucifer") earns a living by stealing extraordinary magical artifacts on commission, which blows from hands of dark inhabitants of the underworld in the macabre womb of the city. A habit that will be worth many enemies, powerful enemies. When she is blackmailed over one of her thefts and drawn into an unscrupulous power struggle, Lucifer will find himself fighting for the life of her employer… and hers!

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Something Is Killing the Children 3

By James Tynion IV, Werther Dell'Edera

Price: € 15, 00

Erica has lost control of the situation and Archer's Peak is in lockdown, isolated from the outside world to prevent more information about the monsters from being spread. More Slaughter from the House of Slaughter arrive in town, ready to do anything to clean up the mess, and Erica discovers that the most dangerous threat isn't always the one with long sharp claws. The price to pay to save everyone, this time, may be too high for her too…

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J-POP Manga reprints June 30, 2021

The following J-POP Manga titles will be available again: Hanako Kun - the seven mysteries of the Kamome Academy 3, 6; La via del grambiule - the homemade yakuza 1; The Quintessential Quintuplets 12; Person 5 - 1-6; The mastiff and other stories - LOVECRAFT 1; The color that came from space - LOVECRAFT 2; The Dweller of the Dark - LOVECRAFT 3; The Call of Cthulhu - REGULAR EDITION - LOVECRAFT; Goblin Slayer 1, 2, 5, 6, 8.

The digital releases J-POP Manga of June 30, 2021

It will be available digitally for Kindle and Kobo: Golden Kamui 23.

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