The best Dragon Ball gadgets | June 2021

The best Dragon Ball gadgets | June 2021

Written and drawn by Master Akira Toriyama, who in 1981 had already given life to the character of Arale in the Dr. Slump series, Dragon Ball is, without any doubt, one of the cornerstones of manga culture, standing out, moreover, as the battle shonen for excellence. Starting point of a genre that in turn gave birth to other very popular genre works such as One Piece and Naruto.

Serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine starting from November 1984, immediately enjoying success extraordinary, thanks to the right mix of action and humor, Dragon Ball was born on the inspiration of the popular Chinese story "The Journey to the West", from which Toriyama modifies for his own use and consumption the story of Son Goku and his companions, whose characterization itself is vaguely inspired by the Chinese classic.

And so over 35 years ago Goku's adventure began, in what was a journey that lasted until 1995 when, with the publication of the 42nd tankobon, the Saiyan now adult left his companions to go to train the young Oob (or Uub), good reincarnation of the most powerful and unstoppable enemy presented to the group of warriors on Earth, the terrible Majin-Buu. The rest, as they say, is history: with over 160 million copies seen, and with a popularity matched by works like One Piece, but in reality never really outclassed, Dragon Ball is one of the most popular brands ever born from the manga market. , and one of the very few to have broken national boundaries before the age of the internet, or the moment in which the enjoyment of animation and Japanese readings was definitively cleared beyond the publications for fans.

Back to popular acclaim already in 2009 with the advent of Dragon Ball Kai, or the full remake of the anime dedicated to the Dragonball Z series, it is then definitively re-exploded in favor of new generations of fans thanks to the Dragonball Super series, which by completely setting aside the Dragonball GT series (however apocryphal, as it was never approved by the original author) has given a sequel to the adventures of Goku and his companions, today Dragon Ball is even more popular than ever, enough to have convinced us to pay the right homage to Goku and his companions, thanks to this practical list of gadgets designed to whet your imagination (and your wallet). The theme is obviously Dragon Ball, in what will be a list capable of teasing any fan, from the youngest "newcomer" to the hard and pure fan, grown up on bread and kamehameha!

The best Dragon Ball gadgets every fan should have

The Dragon Balls The Radar Finds Orbs The Scouter Toribot New Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition The Dragon Ball Z collector's edition Kakarot The mug tea of ​​Vegeta Bunny Bulma The Shenron plush The gaming chair

The Dragon Balls

Among the many Dragon Ball gadgets, one could only start here: from the magical 7 Dragon Balls, whose collection will guarantee who will summon the dragon 3 wishes. The set consists of the display unit and 7 transparent PVC spheres, with a diameter of approximately 4.3 cm. We cannot tell you if by bringing them all together and pronouncing the evocation in Namek, the Shenron will really appear, but what we can give you for sure is that on the web this set exists in a multitude of imitations and counterfeits and finding your way around is particularly complex. Our advice? Those produced by Abysse are certainly the best available: not only are they licensed, but also have a respectable packaging, perfect not only for storing them with care but also for displaying them properly. Price a little higher than the average (about 80 euros) but after all you pay for the quality, and also the desires… more or less.

The Radar Search Spheres

Iconic object of the first Dragon Ball course, the Radar Search Spheres is a handy gadget created by Bulma whose purpose is to trace the energy track of the 7 Dragon Balls in order to be able to track them and collect more easily. Later modified so that it could also track the spheres of the planet Namek, the radar has always been one of the most sought after and loved gadgets by Dragon Ball fans even if, strangely, there are only very few versions on the market, and not all up to it. expectations. The best is - obviously - the one produced by Bandai which has the advantage of having LED lights under the screen which, once turned on, simulate the operation of the roadstead with 7 fixed positions. Basically you don't expect the spheres to move, the radar to rotate or anything like that. The positioning is fixed and cannot be changed. To enrich the offer, a rich sample of sounds and noises and a price that, after all, is really affordable for everyone. The problem? This rada is oddly small, even smaller than what a child's toy might be, and, in its entirety, fits easily in the palm of a hand. An inexplicable choice that, over the years, has not undergone any changes.

The scouter

If you know Dragon Ball it's impossible that you do not know the scouter, or the aura detector supplied to the Saiyans and the Freeza army. Unable to detect the aura of the opponents and to be able to define their power, Freeza's soldiers used this particular detector which, placed on one of the two eyes, allowed to quantify the power of any living creature thanks to a quick calculation, then expressed below form of number (“It's over 9000!” cit.). Well, on Amazon there is a very faithful replica of what was the first model supplied to the Saiyans and Freeza, the difference of which is the simple color of the lens placed on the eye (Freeza's was red). Equipped with sounds and a practical adjustable headband, it will take you back in time to the honest price of less than € 30.

The statuette of Toriyama, Toribot

Undisputed master of manga, and among the modern fathers of Japanese comics, Akira Toriyama he is not simply the father of Dragon Ball, but an all-round artist who, over the years, has also created other great successes such as Dr. Slump, not to mention his contribution to the world of video games thanks to collaborations on titles such as Dragon Quest, Blue Dragon is the timeless Chrono Trigger! Considered a real reformer of the manga, as well as the father of the battle shonen, Toriyama is still very popular today, thanks to the timeless success of Goku and his companions. A true fan, at this point, cannot fail to celebrate the master thanks to this small but delightful statuette dedicated to "Toribot", that is the robotic character with which Toriyama loves to represent himself since the origins, so much so that, in these guises, he appeared in I continue through the pages of his most famous works. As much as an "appearance" in the background, or as a nice presenter of some volumes.

New Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition

Arrived in conjunction with game Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for Nintendo 3DS, this beautiful limited edition of Nintendo's New Nintendo 3DS, fully branded with Dragon Ball theme is the wet dream of any fan both of the Goku universe and the Nintendo world! Orange in color, this 3DS is adorned on the front with the many characters of the series present in the game, while on the back it has imprinted the legendary 7 Dragon Balls. The only problem is that we are talking about a piece that has quickly gone out of stock, thanks to the increasing lack of interest in the market for the 3DS model, which has long since been replaced by the cheaper 2DS, so much so that today it is still available, but at prices definitely higher than originally. As they say: “for fans only“.

The collector's edition of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Another gem videogame that could delight many fans, the collector's edition of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot arrived on the market together with the game in mid-January 2020 but, incredibly, it is still widely available today for a surcharge, all in all, understandable. The collector's edition, in fact, not only included the game, the season pass, an artbook, a steelbox and a map of the game world but, above all, a beautiful statue depicting Goku and little Gohan riding the Golden Cloud (or Nuvola Speedy if you prefer). Imposing and complete with a diorama (and dinosaur) attached, this Collector’s Edition is beautiful to see and exhibit and, we are sure, with the definitive advent of the new console generation it will definitely disappear from circulation. Better take advantage of the availabilities!

Vegeta's teacup

Che it is not, as some would think, the one that really belonged to the Prince of the Saiyans, but more precisely a ceramic cup of exquisite workmanship, spherical in shape and complete with a lid. , or the same type of vehicle with which Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa arrived for the first time on earth. The peculiarity is that on the front of the cup there is a heat-reactive print which, when the cup heats up, shows the image of Vegeta inside the spacecraft. Produced under license, it is equipped with a handle and a lid to keep the tea warm when it is brewed. What a style!

Bunny Bulma

And since we've mentioned Bulma several times already, we might as well point out this beautiful statue of the character in her now famous Playboy-style bunny outfit. Dragon Ball, like so many other manga that have succeeded it (such as One Piece) has always had a particular fetish for the clothing of its characters and Bulma, in particular, has changed clothes and hair several times over time. However, the rabbit dress sported by Bulma in chapter 10 of the Pilaf Saga (we are at the beginning of the manga), has remained one of the most loved by fans and the reason seems to us as simple as it is obvious ... That said, what we propose there are two beautiful figures: the first is by Banpresto and has a curious peculiarity. Bulma's clothes are in fact blue, but they can change color to red when exposed to a light source of heat. The effect is very nice even if, it must be said, the sculpt is not exactly exceptional. The second is instead made by the lesser known Megahouse and has a more dynamic sculpt and much more vivid details, not to mention the much more pleasant coloring, with a glossy black for the bustier and ears and a bright red for the shoes. The statue, vaguely more sexualized than the previous one, is part of a collection dedicated to the series called "Dragon Ball Gals", which offers the main female protagonists in winking poses including Chi Chi, Lunch and C-18.

» Click here to buy Megahouse's Bunny Bulma

The Shenron Dragon Plush

Timeless character from the Dragon Ball universe , the Shenron Dragon is, undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable characters of the manga (and of the anime series), regardless of the fact that you see him appear, actually, a very small number of times. Powerful, but not omnipotent, the evocation of him moves the entire first narrative arc of the original manga, and it is around his birth that some narrative implications inherent to the dragon spheres and the planet Namek will be revealed further on. Slowly put aside, first by the arrival of Polunga, a magical dragon that can be evoked with the spheres of Namek (and more powerful than Shenron), then completely glossed over, Shenron still remains an iconic character of the universe created by Toriyama, so much so that there we dare to desist from buying this beautiful 66 cm long plush. Of course, it will not grant your wishes, unless one of them is having a huge plush in the shape of a dragon cluttering your bed or shelves.

The gaming chair

Perfect for your games of Dragon Ball FighterZ or the most recent Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, this chair produced by Subsonic is presented as a product of excellent quality, designed to guarantee the maximum comfort for players of all ages, but with a touch of “a la Dragon Ball” style that, we are sure, will delight any fan of the series. In orange color, just like Goku's classic suit, with blue finishes, this chair offers a seat in high density foam with a thickness of 8 cm, as well as adjustable armrests, so as to adapt to all body types. . Made of plastic and metal, with an imitation leather cover, it is a simple but functional chair, beautiful to look at and perfect to adorn the gaming station of any aspiring student of the master Roshi!

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