LEGO Ideas takes us back in time with the typewriter set

LEGO Ideas takes us back in time with the typewriter set

LEGO and the LEGO Ideas Team today unveiled the LEGO Ideas # 21327 Typewriter set. Released as a "winner" from the third review session of 2019 together with the 30th anniversary projects of Seinfeld and the Home Alone house - Mom I missed the plane, the new set will certainly delight the most experienced writers and fans of all this which is vintage.

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Designed by brick enthusiast and AFOL Designer Steve Guinness in his spare time in Chester, UK, the LEGO Ideas Typewriter is based on a typewriter model used in an era in the recent past, just like the Erika Model 10 used by the founder of the LEGO Group Ole Kirk Christiansen and which can be seen in many of the photos that portray him at work at his desk. The original project uploaded to the LEGO Ideas platform had a black “shell”, but to pay homage to its history, LEGO decided to change the color from black to sand green.

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The model that can be made with the LEGO Ideas set # 21327 Typewriter, however, does not simply replicate the aesthetics of a real typewriter, but also reproduces the function and tactility of a real typewriter. Once built, in fact, by tapping on the letter-keys you will be able to see the corresponding movement of the so-called hammers (ie the elements that press the inked ribbon against the sheet of paper). Movement that, connected to the carriage, will make it move in sync with typing together with the roller, so that the latter can be fed with real sheets of paper. The model is also equipped with the print color selection command which, like in real typewriters, is used to position the inked ribbon, typically bi-color (red and black) in the correct position with respect to the hammers. The set also includes a reproduction of the inked ribbon itself.

As a tribute to the lost art of letter writing, the LEGO Ideas # 21327 Typewriter set includes a typewritten and signed letter to pen by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, president of the LEGO Group and a member of the fourth generation of the family that still privately owns the company today.

Speaking about his project, Steve Guinness said:

“I wanted create something totally different from anything LEGO has ever done before and prove that you can really make anything with bricks. I bought a vintage typewriter for my research and then I worked on the replica of the mechanism that moves the roller and operates the hammers when the letter keys are pressed until I was satisfied with the functionality and design. I hope it brings nostalgia to adult fans like me, and wonder and curiosity to younger fans who may never have seen a real typewriter! "

Steve Guiness with his two prototypes used to participate in LEGO Ideas

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The invention and production of the first cars dates back to the early 18th century, while the design by Steve Guinness and the LEGO Ideas design team who developed and made it an official set drew on the stylistic cues of modern 20th century typewriters, which still today can boast a large crowd of enthusiasts and collectors.

Federico Begher, LEGO VP of Global Marketing commented:

“It is not It's hard to see why vintage typewriters have such an enduring appeal, and Steve's incredible replica is an absolutely worthy LEGO Ideas success story. For many, the escape from the world connected to the simplicity of the typewriter is an experience similar to the mental process of building with LEGO bricks. Here we have a LEGO set that combines these two worlds seamlessly and, like its real-life counterparts, is something that fans of LEGO bricks will be proud to display in their homes. ”

The LEGO Ideas set # 21327 Typewriter will be available for preview purchase from June 16th for VIP users and from July 1st for all.

Click here to purchase the set LEGO Ideas # 21327 Typewriter

(from 16/06 for VIPs and from 01/07 for all)


Age: 18+ Measurements: height 12 cm, width 26 cm, depth 27 cm Pieces: 2.079 Price: € 199.99 Main features: by pressing a letter-key the corresponding hammer is activated, which is connected to the moving carriage which in turn moves the roller, which can be loaded with a real sheet of paper. The set also includes a reproduction of the inked ribbon Each copy of the set includes a letter written and signed in pen by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, president of the LEGO Group, translated into 43 languages

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