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Developer commission discount. A more powerful checkout system is also on the way, which will allow you to sell up to 300,000 items in just over 8 minutes

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Giving a boost to the activity of developers who with their work help build and improve Shopify's online commercial infrastructure at the service of merchants and consumers: this is the goal of the ecommerce platform that has decided to to zero the commissions on apps sold by developers through its App store and Theme store, up to the first million in annual turnover generated. This was announced by Tobias Lütke, CEO of the company, during the annual Unite conference dedicated to developers, along with other news.

Currently, the commission taken by Shopify on apps sold through its platform is 20%, but according to what has been revealed, it will completely decline starting from August 1st on those that generate up to one million dollars in revenues a year through the Canadian company's app store. Once this figure is exceeded, the rate applied will be 15% and only on marginal revenues. Shopify's initiative is reminiscent of that of other big techs like Google, which from Thursday will halve commissions (from 30 to 15%) on apps sold through its digital store by the first million dollars earned in total by each developer, over the course of the year. Similar provision for Apple already started on January 1st, albeit with a different method of adoption: the "discount" will be recognized year by year based on the revenue of the previous 12 months.

There are 6 thousand apps that the developer community has created for Shopify, which will now also be able to offer their e-commerce themes in the Theme Store showcase, where 1.7 million merchants worldwide have already chosen appearance of their site. Also in this case the “zero commissions” policy is confirmed. Among the other evolutions presented at Unite, Online Store 2.0, a product within the Storefronts platform that increases the creative options available to developers who want to offer greater flexibility and customization to the brands they work for. In this way, for example, Netflix has designed its own ecommerce.

A more powerful checkout system is also coming, which will allow you to sell up to 300 thousand items in just over 8 minutes. In 2020, Shopify's ecosystem of partners, agencies and developers generated over $ 12 billion in revenue.

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This article has no title

This article has no title

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