Netflix: New series and films in July 2021 - program overview & trailer

Netflix: New series and films in July 2021 - program overview & trailer


Netflix presents the program for July 2021. In the following overview you will find the details of the new series and films - together with the individual start dates. Blood Red Sky is new to the film sector: a transatlantic flight, a group of unscrupulous hijackers and a woman with a terrible secret - in the film, the young mother Nadja has to face her dark side in order to save the lives of her son and the other flight passengers. Because what the kidnappers don't know - Nadja is the last vampire. The strip runs from July 23rd. New additions are Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Doctor Sleeps Erwachen and The Interview.

The German young adult show How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is celebrating its comeback in the series: On July 27th the new episodes of the third season go online on Netflix. This time Moritz is completely alone and desperately trying to stay in power as CEO of MyDrugs. When Lenny's health deteriorates, the boys settle their disputes to raise money for his treatment.

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New app solves a problem if you have subscriptions to Disney +, Netflix and Prime Video

With the Screenhits TVs app, due out at the end of July, subscriptions to some streaming services will be able to be combined on a single interface. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1374808,1374704,1374682,1374420'; Also new in the program: Biohackers (Season 2), Sky Rojo (Season 2), Never in my life ... (Season 2), Outer Banks (Season 2), Young Royals (Season 1) and Atypical (Season 4) . The highlights from the Netflix program in July 2021 are shown in the trailer below this message. Most recently we reported that the video game series Mass Effect is apparently going to receive a Netflix series.


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Young Royals - Netflix Original Series Generation 56k - Netflix Original Series Dynasty Warriors - Netflix Movie Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway - Netflix Movie Audible - Netflix Original Documentary The Interview 2nd July 2021

Fear Street - Part 1: 1994 - Netflix Movie Haseen Dillruba - Heartfelt Beautiful - Netflix Movie The 8th Night - Netflix Movie Mortals: Season 2 - Netflix Original Series Big Timber - Netflix Original Series July 4, 2021

Mine - Netflix Original Series We the People - Netflix Kids & Family July 6, 2021

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson: Season 2 - Netflix Original COMEDY SPECIAL July 7, 2021

Guerra de vecinos - Netflix Original Series Major Grom: The Plague Doctor - Netflix Movie Cat People - Netflix Original Documentary Dogs: Season 2 - Netflix Original Documentary July 8, 2021

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Murder- Netflix Original Documentary Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - Netflix Original Anime July 9, 2021

Biohackers: Season 2 - Netflix Original Series Atypical: Season 4 - Netflix Original Series Virgin River: Season 3 - Netflix Original Series The Cook of Castamar - Netflix Original Series In The Swamp - Netflix Original Fear Street Series - Part 2: 1978 - Netflix Film The Last Summer - Netflix Film How I Become a Superhero - Netflix Film Lee Su-geun: The Sense Coach - Netflix Original Comedy Special How to Become a Tyrant - Netflix Original Documentary July 13th 2021
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Ridley Jones - Netflix Kids & Family July 14, 2021

My Unorthodox Life - Netflix Original Serie A Classic Horror Story - Netflix Movie Guide To The Perfect Family - Netflix Movie Red Privada: Who Killed Manuel Buendía? - Netflix Original Documentary Incredible Thefts - Netflix Original Documentary July 15, 2021

Never in my life ...: Season 2 - Netflix Original Series A perfect fit! - Netflix Film My Amanda - Netflix Film Emicida: AmarElo - Live in São Paulo - Netflix Original Documentary Beastars: Season 2 - Netflix Original Anime July 16, 2021

Fear Street - Part 3: 1666 - Netflix Film Deep - Netflix Movie Explained: Season 3 - Netflix Original Documentary Johnny Test - Netflix Kids & Family The Water Man - Netflix Kids & Family July 21, 2021

Stay away! (Brazil) Part 1 - Netflix Original Series Sexy Beasts - Netflix Original Series Troll Hunters: The Awakening of the Titans - Netflix Kids & Family July 22, 2021

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop - Netflix Original Anime July 23, 2021

Blood Red Sky - Netflix Film A Fistful of Words - Netflix Film Fondeados - Netflix Film Kingdom: Ashin of the North - Netflix Film Sky Rojo: Season 2 - Netflix Original Series Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Netflix Original Series Movies - These Were Our Cinema Years: Season 2 - Netflix Original Documentary A Second Chance: Rivals! - Netflix Kids & Family July 26, 2021

Doctor Sleeps Awakening July 27, 2021

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): Season 3 - Netflix Original Series Racket Boys - Netflix Original Series Mighty Express: Season 4 - Netflix Kids & Family July 28, 2021

Hands off! (Brazil) Part 2 - Netflix Original Series The Snitch Cartel: Origins - Netflix Original Series Tattoo Redo - Netflix Original Series Bartkowiak - Netflix Movie July 29, 2021

Resort to Love - Netflix Movie Transformers: War for Cybertron: A New World - Netflix Original Anime July 30, 2021

Outer Banks: Season 2 - Netflix Original Series The Last Mercenary - Netflix Movie Myth and Mogul: John DeLorean - Netflix Original Documentary Centaurworld - Netflix Kids & Family Coming Soon

Feels Like Ishq - Netflix Original Series

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