PS Plus: Leak shows "free" July games, announcement is imminent

PS Plus: Leak shows free July games, announcement is imminent

PS Plus

Users don't have to wait long until Sony presents the list of "free" games for PS Plus in July 2021. If the publisher does not change the current rhythm, the announcement of the "free" games will follow on Wednesday, June 30th. As a rule, Sony presents the included games for PS5 and PS4 at PS Plus on the last Wednesday of the current month. The downloads will start just under a week later: In this case, next Tuesday, July 6th. It remains to be seen which game gifts Sony will prepare for PS Plus members in July 2021.

However, an alleged leak is already making the rounds through the Internet, which wants to know the game line-up for PS Plus in July 2021 . The PS5 version of A Plague Tale: Innocence, whose PS Plus appearance has been speculated over the past few days, is allegedly included. Around E3 2021, the technically upgraded version of the outstanding action adventure was officially confirmed. It remains to be seen whether the adventure will actually be distributed via PlayStation Plus in July.

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PS Plus: "Free" games in June 2021 for PS4 & PS5 - this is what awaits you

The list of "free" PS Plus games for June 2021 has been set. In our video we introduce you to the new inclusive games. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1374764,1374329,1373036,1372832'; The current leak also specifies the racing game WRC 9 and the action adventure Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PS4. However, there are legitimate doubts about the authenticity of the picture circulating on Reddit and Twitter. In addition to the poor image quality, the graphic also comes with incorrect month information, as can be seen from the small print in the left corner of the image. It therefore appears to be a picture from May that was subsequently edited. We will soon find out whether it is just an old template or the games shown are fictitious.

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PS Plus deals: save up to 43% this weekend

PS Plus deals sales price membership subscription cheap © Provided by TechRadar PS Plus deals sales price membership subscription cheap

PS Plus deals are offering big savings this weekend, with discounts reaching up to 43% off an annual subscription in both the US and UK. That means you'll be able to avoid the pesky auto-renewal fees and save yourself plenty of cash on another year of free games, online play, and exclusive discounts. 

In the US, CDKeys' PS Plus deals are offering a $37.79 price on a 12 month subscription, saving you the full 43% over the usual $59.99 MSRP. While that's not as cheap as we've seen in the past - we've seen discounts briefly reaching 51% off over the last year - there's been a slight lull in offers over the past few weeks, making this an excellent pickup today. 

If you're in the UK, things are looking even better. ShopTo has just dropped a 12 month PS Plus membership down to £39.85. We haven't seen prices going below £40 all year, so if you've been waiting to try out the service now is the time to jump. You're only saving 20% here, on a £49.99 RRP, but this is the cheapest we've seen the service in a long time. 

You'll find both of these PS Plus deals just below, but scroll down for more cheap PS Plus prices around the web.

Today's best PS Plus dealsgraphical user interface, application © Provided by TechRadar

PS Plus 12 months: $59.99 $37.79 at CDKeys Grab 12 months of PS Plus for just $37.79 at CDKeys. While we have seen that price drop a little further with as much as 51% off in the past, you're still getting an excellent price if your renewal date is approaching - saving $22.20 over the automatic charge from Sony. Note that this code

will only work in the US.

graphical user interface, application © Provided by TechRadar

PS Plus 12 months: £49.99 £39.85 at ShopTo PS Plus deals tend to be a little harder to get your hands on in the UK, which is why this £10 discount from ShopTo is so impressive. You're saving 20% on the price of a full year of the service here, an excellent price considering we haven't seen this card drop below £40 all year.

More PS Plus deals

You'll find a range of PS Plus prices below, spanning 3 month and 12 month subscriptions. The former is great if you're just looking to test the service, but you'll find much more value in the 12 month PS Plus deals overall. 

CDKeys often has some of the best discounts around here, but just be sure to double check the region you are buying for, as the retailer often lists them side by side and in multiple currencies. 

If this month's free PS Plus games don't satisfy, then you'll find a range of cheap PS5 game deals available right now. Plus, we're also looking to future PS5 deals and bundles for more insights on savings to come. 

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