Elden Ring will be back to be seen soon

Elden Ring will be back to be seen soon

Elden Ring on stage (or rather, on one of the stages) of the Summer Game Fest? Yes, at least according to a strange theory circulating on the Internet involving famous journalist Geoff Keighley and one of the past editions of The Game Awards. Almost astral conjectures, which seem to confirm the presence of the new game from From Software, developed together with George R.R. Martin is in the pipeline by 2022, as suggested by the report from the parent company of the developers.

All of this refers to a meme born on the Internet. During the last edition of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley mentioned Elden Ring on the stage of the show, without showing any kind of content. A Twitter user decided to "lock" the conductor in prison, with a meme spread through the social network. In the past few hours Keighley has decided to publish a GIF, where a little panda "escapes" from prison. The connection is therefore clear: From Software's new game will finally be on the stage of the Summer Game Fest and by doing so the good Canadian host will be able to regain that much desired freedom.

Seriously, as a good Internet user, Keighley may have used this meme to anticipate the presence of Elden Ring. Meme, however, was also "approved" by Jeff Grubb, insider and journalist in the world of video games, who responded to the twitter with a "My man". Clearly the presence of such a long-awaited triple A cannot be confirmed by a single string of text or simply by announcing its return and it is clear that the two journalists are obviously activating the hype machine.

FromSoft Fans rn :

This is definetly an elden ring refrence, he will break just like they said "shattered by someone or something" so actually Geoff will Shatter the elden ring and break free and the elden ring has actually been a metaphorical prison for his true power all along !!

- Ivroy '((@IvoruTrees) June 5, 2021

The Summer Game Fest will officially begin on June 10, 2021. The planned conferences are really many and Elden Ring it could find space during the Microsoft conference of E3 2021 for a first announcement, and then somehow land at the newborn event dedicated to video games. We will update you as soon as there are more details about it.

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