On the Io app, there are more and more public services available

On the Io app, there are more and more public services available

On the Io app

Over five thousand public bodies have boarded the application that digitizes services to citizens. Over 3.4 million users

The Io public services app (photo: Digital transformation team) One year after the launch of the Io app, the digital access point to public administration, over 5,000 Italian public bodies have transferred more than 12,000 different services to this channel, now directly accessible via a smartphone. In particular, the use of the application has increased rapidly since the beginning of the new year. In April alone, nearly 30 public bodies per day entered Io, digitizing about 50 new services. Furthermore, 3.4 million people, on average, use the app every week and 11 million downloads have been exceeded.

95% of the entities present on the app are municipalities from all over the peninsula, which can offer different types of services depending on the individual administrations. According to the data provided by the company PagoPa spa, which manages the Io platform, one of the most widespread functions concerns personal data services, such as sending reminders on the expiry of the identity card or residence permit or notifications relating to the status of practices in course, such as the change of marital status. One in four services, among those offered on average by the various administrations, concerns the payment of taxes, with the sending of notices and notifications on the deadline and methods of payments.

In addition, through Io you can obtain all the information relating to school services: from the opening of enrollments, to the publication of rankings for teachers, up to the payment of various services such as the canteen or school buses. With regard to mobility, several municipalities have made available the possibility of paying fines or renewing passes for restricted traffic areas, directly through Io.

Since last December, in order to encourage public bodies to adopt the new platform, PagoPa has published a public notice for the assignment of ad hoc loans to support municipalities in the digital transition, through the Fund for technological innovation and digitization.

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Home app gets HomePod timer controls in iOS 14.7 beta

The latest iOS 14.7 beta enables HomePod users to set timers from the Home app, a function previously restricted to voice instructions through Siri.

Timers have always been a sticking point with HomePod. When the product first launched, Apple failed to include an option to set multiple timers simultaneously. The company added the feature in a software update in 2018, but has until now left timers untouched.

Wednesday's iOS 14.7 beta release includes a new option in the Home app that allows users to manually set timers without interacting with Siri. Located alongside HomePod alarm settings, the function includes the ability to assign timer labels, view countdowns and cancel timers.

Like the timer in Clock on iOS, users can set a HomePod's timer to count down hours, minutes and seconds. Countdowns should also be available through Siri on HomePod.

HomePod will require an update for the new Home app-based timer to work.

9to5Mac spotted the addition earlier today.

Beyond manual timer control for HomePod, iOS 14.7 is devoid of major features, suggesting the update will likely include bug fixes and performance improvements. The seemingly minor point update is curious considering Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is only two weeks away.

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