An exhibition dedicated to Kentaro Miura, father of Berserk

An exhibition dedicated to Kentaro Miura, father of Berserk

An exhibition dedicated to Kentaro Miura

An exhibition will be set up dedicated to Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, who will honor his work and the influence of the work. The death of Kentaro Miura has left an unbridgeable void in the hearts of all of us.

The exhibition dedicated to Kentaro Miura

The exhibition, entitled “Large Berserk Exhibition - Kentaro Miura's 32 Years Of Painting ”Will contain over 300 original manuscripts and pieces of art by the sensei.

Berserk: between manga and anime

Kentaro Miura began writing and drawing Bersek in 1989. The last chapter released was 363 and was published in the number 3 of Young Animal on January 22, 2021. The future of the incomplete work is still unknown, but Miura's assistant had previously stated that he would have it put everything to continue it.

In Italy the manga is published by Planet Manga which over the years has proposed various editions: the first dates back to August 1996 and subsequently several reprints have been published bearing the name of Berserk Collection, Maximum Berserk and Berserk Collection Serie Nera (purchased and the first volume on Amazon!)

As for the anime adaptation, it was edited by Yamato Video, who entrusted the dubbing to Merak Film. The series was broadcast by Mediaset on Italia 1 between December 2001 and April 2002 and was later collected in 13 videotapes and then in five DVDs by Yamato Video.

In recent months, Yamato Video has added the animated series of 1997 in a new high definition remastered edition to the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

The franchise also includes a film trilogy: Berserk - The Golden Age - Chapter I: The Egg of the Ruling King , Berserk - The golden age - Chapter II: The conquest of Doldrey and Berserk - The golden age - Chapter III: The advent distributed by Warner Bros, available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray Disc published by Yamato Video and Koch Media.

Finally, the animated series released in 2016 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll:

In the lands of Midland, an immensely strong boy leads a life devoid of desires and dreams, fighting a battle after the other without taking sides with someone or believing in something. His name is Guts, and he is a mercenary ...

On that same ground a man of immense ambitions moves his steps, the person who has gathered a valiant group of soldiers to himself, the team of hawks .

His name is Griffith and, thanks to these two fundamental elements, he will make way for his glory…

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