The best solar power banks for summer 2021

The best solar power banks for summer 2021

A solution that makes the most of the clean energy of the Sun when outdoors

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Solar power banks are one of the most useful accessories when traveling, especially when planning to spend several days outdoors, for example on a camping trip or on a hike. Solar-powered chargers, in fact, are the most efficient help for extending the autonomy of electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, smartwatches and so on. We have chosen five models to focus on for summer 2021.

Please note: in models with a single integrated solar panel, rather than completely recharging the internal battery, we mean an integration of the charge distributed to the connected devices.

Sweye Solar Powerbank

(Photo: Sweye) If you really want to charge efficiently, the best solution is that of a model with multi-structure like the one proposed by Sweye that integrates a package from 26800 mAh which can benefit from a main panel plus three other detachable ones to quadruple the action. The selling price is 30.55 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

iEsafy solar powerbank

(Photo: iEsafy) The IEsafy multi-panel solar powerbank has a capacity of 26800 mAh and rear led spotlight. Also included in the package is a carabiner with integrated compass to better secure it to the backpack, equipment, tent and so on. It costs 36.99 euros, here on offer on Amazon.

Dyw Solar Powerbank

(Photo: Dyw) Two tools in one: Dyw's waterproof solar powerbank on the one hand charges gadgets on the go and on the other available a bright and low consumption LED spotlight. The built-in battery is 26,800 mAh. It costs 24.95 euros, is on offer on Amazon.

Hiluckey Solar Charger

(Photo: Hiluckey) The peculiarity of the Hiluckey solar powerbank is that it not only includes a double led spotlight and a durable shell, but is also compatible with wireless charging of many modern smartphones or smartwatches. In fact, it is enough to place them on the back to fill up without cables. The battery is 26800 mAh, costs 36.99 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Vooe Solar Powerbank

(Photo: Vooe) Vooe offers one of the cheapest solar powerbanks and minimalist as it does not include spotlights or other extras, but is just a 26800mAh portable charger with built-in solar panel. The price starts at 24.95 euros, but is on promotion on Amazon.

Choetech Solar Charger

(Photo: Choetech) As an extra, if you are looking for a multi-panel solar charger easy to carry without integrated powerbank then you can rely on the Choetech model which measures 14.8 x 15.3 x 5.4 centimeters when folded and stops the scale at 360 grams. Ideal if you are traveling by motorcycle or if you are exploring the world with a backpack. The price is 35.99 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

A powerbank with solar panels is also integrated into the absurd and unmissable tech fisherman's vest.

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