Toughbook G2, Panasonic to conquer the workers in the field

Toughbook G2, Panasonic to conquer the workers in the field

Toughbook G2

This morning Panasonic unveiled the Toughbook G2, the evolution of the best-selling fully rugged tablet (boasting MIL-STD-810H certification and IP65 protection) in the company's history, characterized by excellent versatility and designed with the needs of the future in terms of communication, use and security, without however overshadowing access to legacy systems.

Among the new features we find the introduction of the eSIM, as well as a general improvement in performance also due to the doubling of RAM memory and storage space, which guarantee a better experience of using design applications and CAD schemes. The work done on the Toughbook G2 display also allows you to enjoy improved brightness and greater security, thanks to the Microsoft Secured-Core certification. It will also be possible, in case a wider connectivity is required, to use an additional and interchangeable expansion slot for the insertion of readers and smart cards.

In addition to the Standard version, the Toughbook G2 is offered also in the Quick Release SSD model, designed for workers in sectors who need to protect sensitive data concerning their work. Eventually it is possible to add a removable backlit keyboard, which also includes a USB-A and a USB-C port: Panasonic has not spared itself even with regard to the additional accessories of the tablet, offering a wide range that includes, among others , vehicle docks, straps, shoulder straps and cases. Obviously most of the accessories already purchased for the Toughbook G1 and the Toughbook G20 will be compatible with the new Toughbook G2, thus facilitating the transition process.

This tablet is the ideal solution for various field jobs, including warehouse management, use as a vehicle terminal on forklifts, integration with barcode readers or with a thermal camera and for the management and planning of site operations. Operation is guaranteed by a battery whose duration can be extended up to 18.5 hours, which has the task of powering a device that contains a 10th generation Intel Core Quad Core processor, with Intel vPro technology and a RAM memory. 16 GB or 32 GB.

The Toughbook G2 can easily replace even a PC in the offices of a construction site, giving the possibility to transmit the video in 4K on two external screens. Breakdown personnel, train drivers and ground support personnel at airports find in this tablet an ideal solution for their daily support and maintenance operations, capable, according to Dirk Weigelt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Mobile Solution Business, to enter the hearts of field workers, being the next generation rugged device par excellence. Panasonic offers a standard 3-year warranty on the Toughbook G2, which is already available on the official store at the recommended price of € 2,450 + VAT.

Panasonic introduces new rugged tablet, TOUGHBOOK G2

Panasonic has announced the successor to its best-selling fully rugged tablet with the introduction of the TOUGHBOOK G2. Designed for mobile workforces, the TOUGHBOOK G2 comes with several additional features.

These include an eSIM, double RAM and storage, as well as improved screen brightness for visibility and enhanced security as a Microsoft Secured-Core PC. It also offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use with an additional user-exchangeable expansion bay area to add contact smart card and contactless smart card readers, as well as three customisable buttons on the front frame of the display for quick click.

The TOUGHBOOK G2 will be available in two versions – Standard and a Quick Release SSD model for data-sensitive sectors such as emergency services, police forces and defence. The device can also be equipped with an optional emissive backlit keyboard that includes an additional USB Type-A and Type-C port. Accessories include vehicle docks for use with or without the keyboard, as well as hand straps, shoulder straps and cases with sanitizable options.  

For previous TOUGHBOOK G1 and TOUGHBOOK 20 customers, the G2 will be backwards-compatible with the majority of accessories from those devices, including vehicle docks. Boasting up to 18.5 hours extended battery life, it also features Windows Hello capable 2MP front camera for calls back to the office and an 8MP rear camera with LED flash for capturing documentation and a digitiser pen for accurate biometric signature capture.

The TOUGHBOOK has a 1000cd/m² controllable touchscreen brightness for easy viewing in extreme sunlight as well as the darkness of underground buildings or tunnels and has an IP65 rating.

Says Dirk Weigelt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business:

“Mobile workers loved the TOUGHBOOK G1 and 20 but the G2 will steal their hearts. It truly is the next generation rugged device for mobile workforces. It offers all the benefits of the latest technology while maintaining important access to legacy systems, all wrapped up in a more flexible, secure and ultimately even more useable device.”

The TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet comes with a standard 3-year warranty and is available from end of July 2021. Prices start from €2,450 / £2,218 + VAT. For more information visit

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