Monsters & Co. The series - Work in Progress !, preview of the first two episodes

Monsters & Co. The series - Work in Progress !, preview of the first two episodes

Monsters & Co. The series - Work in Progress !

A new series of Pixar animation is coming to the screens of the Disney Plus streaming platform, with a view to recovering a franchise buried by the dust of time in the memory of several viewers. After our meeting with the cast who had the pleasure and honor of voicing the characters returning from July 7th, we also had the opportunity to preview the first two episodes of Monsters & Co. La series - Work in Progress! - Work in progress! (in original Monster At Work), the serial product that allows the return to the screens of the colorful monsters that the public had got to know for the first time in 2001. Twenty years after the first film, therefore, let's rediscover new chapter of this story, without revealing the most important details of the events narrated in these two episodes.

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Monsters & Co. The series - Work in progress !,

The series is set immediately after the events that occurred at the conclusion of Monster & Co. and in carrying on the history of the company responsible for the energy supply of Mostropoli, Work in Progress! , stands just as a direct continuation of the story that will open the doors to new opportunities and problems for monsters. Episode 1 kicks off the day after Monsters & Co.'s power plant began collecting children's laughter to power the city of Mostropolis, following Mike and Sulley's discovery that laughter generates ten times more energy. of screams.

This is Monster, Inc. where we scare, because we care.

In fact, the fundamental difference in this series is that it no longer aims to scare, but to focus on laughter, representing a radical change in the focus of the world of monsters. A variation on the theme therefore dictated by a need for lightness perceived by the public, which needs to rediscover lightness and hilarity after the long difficult period dictated by the various lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second episode instead

The series therefore sees old and new acquaintances of this world, which we will meet during each episode, each launched on the streaming platform every Wednesday and lasting about 25 minutes each. The plot follows the story of Tylor Tuskmon, an impatient young monster who graduated with honors from Monsters University with the dream of becoming a Scarer, until he finds a job at Monsters & Co. and discovers that scaring isn't. more fashionable than it is to laugh. After Tylor is temporarily reassigned to MIFT, the team of maintenance technicians must work alongside a mismatched group of mechanics as he sets out to become a Jester.

More details on the new series

Produced by Disney Television Animation and inspired by the world of Disney and Pixar's Oscar-winning Monsters & Co., the series introduces new monster characters as well as those most loved by fans. The voice acting in the original version of the series features Ben Feldman as the voice of Tylor Tuskmon, along with other new cast members, including Mindy Kaling as Val Little. Alongside Feldman and Kaling, Henry Winkler in the role of Fritz also joins the cast; Lucas Neff as Duncan and Alanna Ubach as Cutter, while Billy Crystal and John Goodman return as Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan.

Monsters & Co. Course! was finally developed by veteran Disney animation Bobs Gannaway (Mickey's House, Planes 2 - Fire Fighting Mission), who is also executive producer, while Sean Lurie (Head or Heart) is the producer and Kat Good (Big Hero 6 - The series) and Steve Anderson (The Robinsons - A Space Family) are the supervising directors. The late Rob Gibbs (Monsters & Co.) also directed some of the first episodes of the series.

Unfortunately, we do not have many details on our hands to be able to make accurate predictions, but as we had already deduced from the meeting with the cast, the series in question promises to be brilliant and engaging, thanks to the characteristic creation of animation products with a remarkable cinematic level of quality. In this case we focus specifically on the world of monsters, while contact with humans occurs only through the children's rooms; therefore the monsters are not aware of the human world and how it works, which is why, when the characters try to rework the elements of men, they do it in a simple, almost childish way and with their classic funny and burlesque style.

In conclusion

On balance, Monsters & Co. The series - Work in progress! promises a lot of entertainment and fun not only for a novice audience made up of small spectators, but also manages to revive the nostalgia of many connoisseurs and lovers of history, now much more grown up than the release of the first episodes of the film series. Not only classic elements that anchor this product to the classic story, but also a breath of fresh air in an attempt to renew a franchise that has perhaps been little exploited so far and that can still bring us much joy and just as much meat on the fire.

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