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Official custom collection with motherboards and graphics, power supplies and cases, but also mice, keyboards, mats and headphones

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Asus' special gaming product line dedicated to the hugely popular Gundam animated series debuts, ranging from components such as motherboards and graphics, but also peripherals such as mice and high quality audio headphones, to assemble your own setup at home completely inspired by the Japanese franchise.

The Rx-78-2 Gundam themed products feature the iconic red, white, blue and yellow livery embellished with the Earth Federation decal. The MS-06S Char's Zaku variants instead focus on a red and black design, with the effigy of the Principality of Zeon.

(Photo: Asus) The Asus Z590-Gundam (WiFi) motherboard is based on the latest Intel platform and an updated solution for power and cooling systems optimized for gaming, costs 299 euros. The Rog Strix GeForce Rtx 3080 (1999.90 euros) and 3090 Gundam Edition (price to be communicated) graphics cards focus on a white coating and backplate with red, blue and yellow details. Same nuances for the Rog Strix 850 watt power supply (199.90 euros). As for the case, Rog Strix Helios (€ 359.90) is a premium mid-tower type with a motherboard in Eatx format and hardcore liquid cooling configurations; on the outside the robot with rgb lights is drawn. There is also a gaming laptop like the Tuf Gaming B550-M-Char's Zaku II Edition based on the recent AMD platform.

(Photo: Asus) The Rog Delta gaming headphones (€ 199.90) with blue color on the ear cups together with the symbols of the Earth Federation Space Force. At the hardware level, there are four integrated Dac Ess 9218 hi-fi chips on board for audio processing without loss of quality; the signal / noise ratio is very high, equal to 127 decibels.

The Rog Strix Impact II mouse Gundam version (€ 59.90) closes the picture with the blue shell and the Earth Federation Space emblem here too Force side design, with five programmable white or red buttons, a sensor with a sensitivity of 6200 dpi, a polling rate (the frequency of reporting the position to the computer) of 1,000 Hz and trace up to 220 ips. The mouse can be combined with the Gundam mat (39.90 euros) with non-slip rubber base, resistant anti-fraying edges and tight seams. Finally, the spectacular mechanical keyboard Rog Strix series Gundam version (169.90 euros).

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