In Bolzano, the green pass will also be used to enter bingo and arcades

In Bolzano, the green pass will also be used to enter bingo and arcades

In Bolzano

The ordinance of the Autonomous Province extends the use of the certification of vaccination or negativity to Covid-19 also for betting halls or casinos

Image by Bruno / Germany from Pixabay From 1 July in Bolzano it will be possible to return to the arcades and bingo, provided you have a green pass. This is established by an order issued by the President of the Autonomous Province, Arno Kompatscher, who on 21 May clarified the rules of engagement for travel and commercial activities in the area. These include the suspension of "arcade, betting, bingo and casino activities", which will be allowed "from 1 July 2021, provided that participants are able to exhibit a green certification", or the document introduced by the anti-Covid decree of 22 April 2021, with which the citizen can demonstrate that he has been vaccinated, that he has been cured of Covid-19 or that he has undergone a swab with negative results.

The ordinance constitutes - for what has been found so far - a case that is still unique, which however seems to conflict with what has already been indicated by the Data Protection Authority. With a resolution of 23 April last, the institute led by Pasquale Stanzione had in fact specified that "only a state law can make the exercise of certain rights or freedoms subject to the display of this certification", also highlighting how "indeterminacy" of the purposes related to green certification derives from the lack of a more precise identification of which are the contexts in which it can be requested or not.

And it is precisely on this lack of further specifications that the Bolzano resolution intervenes, the side effect of which could be to subject to identification the patrons who enter the game rooms, even for all those operations for which it does not is already provided for by virtue of the anti-money laundering regulations.

The per capita expenditure in legal gambling on a physical network (therefore excluding online) for the autonomous province of Bolzano, in 2019, the latest figure before the pandemic, stands at 314 euros. However, the health crisis has put the businesses authorized by the Customs Agency in difficulty, favoring the black market for gambling, as revealed by a Wired investigation.

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Sky Alps Set for June launch from Bolzano Airport

MIAMI – If at first, you don’t succeed, try try again. That’s the mentality at Bolzano Airport (BZO), which will feature Italian regional startup Sky Alps beginning in mid-June. Sky Alps is a proposed virtual carrier to be based at BZO.

Sky Alps has leased a pair of De Havilland Dash 8-400s for their launch on June 14, which will include service to Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) three times a week and Parma twice a week. The airline will open service to Olbia on June 15, then twice-weekly service to Ibiza, and finally twice-weekly service to Berlin and Dusseldorf on June 30 and July 2 respectively.

An Austrian Airlines Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 on approach. Austrian has operated charter flights with this craft to/from Bolzano airport in recent years. PC: Alberto Cucini @ac_avphotoAbout Bolzano Airport, Sky Alps

Located in South Tyrol, the northernmost province of Italy, BZO has struggled to attract profitable air service despite a robust modernization effort that began in 1999. The province has reportedly poured over €120m into the project in recent years, without generating any profitable routes.

When Darwin Airlines ceased PSO-flights to Rome Fiumicino in June 2015, the airport was left with no scheduled commercial traffic. One year later, a public opinion poll showed that locals no longer wanted to support the airport, forcing the airport’s operating company to liquidate and Italian authorities to take the license back.

Sky Alps will be the first airline to feature regular commercial service to/from BZO in over five years. Several other airlines have tried their hand at offering service to BZO, including Innsbruck-based Tyrolean Airways (VO OS) in 1999, Austria-based Air Alps in 2002, and Darwin Airline (F7) between 2013-2015. None have lasted.

Regular charter services from BZO to tourist destinations in southern Italy have been operated by Austrian Airlines (OS) in recent years, however. In addition, the airport was recently granted permission to extend its 4,200 ft. runway, should it need to accommodate larger aircraft.

Featured image: de Havilland

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