Joe Biden has ordered a new investigation into the origins of the coronavirus

Joe Biden has ordered a new investigation into the origins of the coronavirus

The President of the United States has determined that the secret services will have to produce a new report on the causes of the spread of Covid-19

(Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images) The United States secret services will have 90 days to present to President Joe Biden all the information necessary to come to a definitive conclusion on how the coronavirus was first transmitted to humans. This was reported in a statement released by the White House. Biden asked the United States intelligence community, the federal body that encompasses all US intelligence agencies, to redouble their efforts to establish with certainty the origins of the virus, adding that it will continue to pressure China to cooperate transparently in the investigation. .

More than a year after the outbreak of the pandemic, what we know about the origin of the coronavirus is that it is a natural virus, therefore not developed in the laboratory, and that the epidemic started in China, in the city of Whuan. However, it is not yet known how it spread and whether China did enough to prevent it from circulating around the world.

In his statement, Biden said he received "the most up-to-date analysis on the origins of Covid-19" in early May. It probably refers to the intelligence report on three Wuhan researchers, who allegedly were hospitalized with symptoms from Covid-19 as early as November 2019 and released a few days ago by the Wall Street Journal. The paper has escalated hypotheses about a spread of the virus linked to a laboratory accident. These theses, however, do not claim that the virus was "created" in the laboratory, as some conspiracy theorists do, but more likely that it may have been discovered elsewhere and taken to the laboratory, from which it was subsequently released due to human error. The problem lies in the actions China may or may not have taken to reduce the risks of a global spread of a little-known virus.

In addition, White House press officer Jen Psaki said announced that Washington intends to call for a new World Health Organization (WHO) investigation in China. Investigation that Beijing refused to authorize earlier this year, after the one in January that ruled out the origin of the virus from a laboratory. Psaki then added that China should "step forward" and contribute to the investigations rather than continue to obstruct them.

On the WHO issue, it is important to report the open letter sent to the organization by the Transparency international movement, and signed from 40 other associations, to ask for the protection of so-called whistleblowers. The letter was born following the complaint of retaliation against Francesco Zambon, a former WHO researcher who opposed the modification of some information in the report on the management of the pandemic in Italy, to then reveal it to the magistrates of the Bergamo Public Prosecutor who coordinate the investigation on first months of the Covid-19 emergency.

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