The United States has imposed new sanctions against Russia

The United States has imposed new sanctions against Russia

Moscow's ability to finance itself on international markets is limited. In addition, 10 diplomats were expelled and 6 Russian cybersecurity companies sanctioned

(Photo: Mladen Antonov / Getty Images) For the second time in less than two months, the United States has imposed a new set of sanctions against Russia and this time they do not just target companies or individuals. The measures prohibit US financial institutions from purchasing bonds and debt securities issued after June 14, 2021 by the Russian central bank, sovereign wealth fund and the Russian Ministry of Finance. A particularly heavy move, according to experts, because it will limit Moscow's ability to raise money in international financial markets. In addition, the United States has expelled 10 Kremlin diplomats and sanctioned 32 Russian entities and individuals, as well as 6 Russian cybersecurity companies.

Relations between the two powers are increasingly strained ever since Joe Biden was elected president of the United States. From Russian interference during the 2020 US presidential elections, to the major cyber attack against SolarWinds, to the poisoning and imprisonment of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, to the disputes of recent days over the increase in military presence around the borders of Ukraine . All of these factors helped ignite the confrontation and trigger US measures. Measures to which the Kremlin will not remain helpless. The US ambassador to Moscow has already been summoned by Russian defense minister Sergei Sojgu, whose spokesman, in a statement, called the US sanctions "aggressive behavior" and indicated a Russian reaction as "inevitable".

However, according to Biden, US sanctions are "proportional" to Russian espionage actions. In the press conference held yesterday, April 15, at the White House, the secret services of the Russian Federation (SVR) were formally indicated "as the leaders of the wide-ranging spying campaign that exploited the SolaWinds Orion platform and other technological information infrastructures. ”To infiltrate the databases of several US government agencies. The cyber attack would have led to the violation of some 16,000 operating systems.

"I made it clear to President Putin that our sanctions could have been even heavier, but I chose not to go in that direction. I chose proportionality, "Biden said at a press conference:" The United States is not interested in triggering a cycle of reactions and entering into conflict with Russia. Our countries have always been able to control tensions and prevent them from getting out of control ”. Biden also said he invited Putin to a summit in Europe this summer. In addition, the US administration announced the withdrawal of the two warships that were supposed to enter the Black Sea on May 1st, as a reaction to the movement of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border, underlining its intention to reduce possible military tensions. “The way to solve the problem in Ukraine is through dialogue and diplomacy”, Biden specified.

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