This magnetic desk will solve the problem of flying cables

This magnetic desk will solve the problem of flying cables

Not just gaming chairs: Secretlab has just announced that the next product it will launch on the market will be a desk designed specifically for gamers (yes, of course there are also RGB lights). But the real strength of the Magnus Metal Desk does not lie in the colored lights: as you can guess from the name, the desk is made of stainless steel and finished in obsidian, in such a way as to always keep all your cables tidy (in addition to making an excellent figure every time you put it on display).

As for the organization of the various cables that branch off on your desk, Secretlab has thought of manufacturing a special drawer, made "invisible" but at the at the same time easily accessible from a cover panel. Obviously, the desk also includes the basic accessories that are part of the ecosystem created by Secretlab, including a "hook" located at the front of the desk on which to conveniently store your gaming headsets.

Speaking of additional accessories, to remain in the "magnetic" field, the company has also made available an RGB LED strip developed specifically for the Magnus Metal Desk, consisting of 90 LED / m and on which four preset lighting effects are installed, controllable via the special remote control supplied with the strip. You can also buy a magnetic mat, also developed by Secretlab in collaboration with Cloud9 and Team Liquid, which will completely cover the top surface of your desk. Additional add-ons will be announced in an unspecified future.

As this desk was developed with the two Secretlab Omega and Secretlab Titan chairs as a reference, the user experience should be optimized if you use the Magnus Metal Desk with one of these two gaming chairs, so to make everything more ergonomic. It should also be available in two versions, one 149.86cm x 69.85cm x 73.66cm and a smaller 119.38cm x 69.85cm x 73.66cm (not yet available). Both should hold a maximum weight of 100kg on the top and 25kg on the back, where all cables are organized. In any case, Secretlab has you covered with a 5-year limited warranty.

At this point, where is the catch with this wonder? Obviously in the price. The larger version, the 149.86 cm long one, is on sale for € 449. The problem is that it is only the desk: the magnetic accessories are added at the price of € 44, while the RGB LED strip costs € 59, bringing the total € 552, therefore € 100 more for accessories. Everything can be purchased in bundle directly from the Secretlab store.

If you think you can do without the special LED strip, it will be difficult to think the same about magnetic accessories, since they are the ones that give real life and make you exploit the 100% the potential of this desk. Obviously the expense is justified by the fact that you can finally have a well-sized desk and that at the same time it will allow you to keep in order all the amber of wires that (almost) inevitably ends up being created in your play area. >

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