The United States will export 60 million AstraZeneca vaccines

The United States will export 60 million AstraZeneca vaccines

The White House has announced that 10 million doses will be distributed over the next two weeks and that another 50 million vaccines will be ready between May and June.

(Photo by Joshua Roberts / Getty Images) The United States will begin to share their stock of AstraZeneca vaccines as soon as they pass the safety checks of the Food and Drug Administration, the government body that deals with the regulation of food and drugs. The US change of course came following the worsening of the coronavirus emergency in India, which led the White House to retrace its steps and accelerate towards the international distribution of its stocks. President Joe Biden had previously announced that the United States would not share any dose until all US citizens have received at least one.

On April 26, during a press conference at the House Bianca, a senior US government official announced that 10 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be distributed in the next two weeks to all countries in need. While another 50 million doses, which are still in production, will be distributed starting from May and June. Biden had already promised to send 4 million doses to Mexico and Canada, so it is likely that the first 10 million will be distributed between those two countries and the rest could go to India.

The alarming news of the Indian pandemic situation has gone around the world in recent days. The country is in fact registering the highest level of daily infections in the world and the health system is entering into crisis due to the lack of oxygen, equipment and medicines. The European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States immediately pledged their support for the country led by Narendra Modi. In all likelihood, the decision taken yesterday by the White House depended on the combination of the good progress of the vaccination campaign in the United States and the emergence of new infections in India, which made greater international solidarity urgent. Furthermore, the US intervention is in line with Biden’s commitment to bring the United States back to the center of the international arena in all fields, including healthcare. Since Biden was elected president, the United States has already rejoined the World Health Organization and has promised an investment of $ 4 billion to support the production and distribution of vaccines around the world.

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