Apple has unveiled a $ 430 billion investment plan

Apple has unveiled a $ 430 billion investment plan

Cupertino's robust plan calls for a 20% increase in spending and the creation of 20,000 jobs in the United States

Rendering of the new Apple campus in North Carolina (press office photo) An acceleration plan of corporate investments ”of an entity comparable to European or American recovery programs: Apple has announced a commitment to invest $ 430 billion in the United States over the next five years. "A generational investment", CEO Tim Cook defined it, with whom Cupertino wants to increase its economic commitment by 20% compared to the previous five-year plan. After dropping to a low of around $ 133, on Monday morning, the day of the announcement, the stock closed 0.16% higher on Wall Street ($ 134.85), up from the beginning of the year. 1.53%.

Resources will be used to develop innovative sectors such as silicon component engineering or 5G technologies, create 20,000 new jobs, build a new campus in North Carolina, invest in AppleTV + data centers and production centers in 20 states, pay supplier and capital expenses and support the creative sector.

“Over the past three years, the investment rate has already exceeded the original target of 350 billion for five years ", underlines the company, which already in 2018 had decided an increase of 20 thousand units by 2023, to which new hires will be added. Apple currently employs 2.7 million workers in the United States and claims to be the "largest taxpayer" in the country, paying $ 45 billion in corporate income taxes in the past five years alone. A wink at the project for an increase in the taxation of multinationals under study in Washington.

It was also an opportunity to reaffirm the key role in having generated a "thriving iOS app economy", which generated 138 billion dollars in commerce in 2019 alone in the United States. "Over 85% of these revenues go directly to third-party developers," supporting the existence of 2.1 million jobs. There is a diatribe on the subject regarding the commissions imposed on developers, which were lowered last November from 30 to 15% for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In terms of related activities, the company also recalled the 5 billion dollars allocated for tenders and calls with external innovative companies, to develop new sustainable materials, laser technologies, 5G infrastructures and more. There are 9 thousand suppliers who work with the Cupertino giant. On the subject of skills, one billion will be dedicated to building a new campus and engineering center in the so-called "research triangle" in North Carolina. The investment should create at least 2,000 new jobs in machine learning, artificial intelligence and software engineering. In terms of commitment to the environment, participation in a new energy storage project in California is confirmed, a $ 4.7 billion expenditure on Green bonds, investments in wind and solar power in Nevada, Illinois and Virginia.

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