There is a project to keep schools open during the summer

There is a project to keep schools open during the summer

The goal is to use the months of June and July to catch up on lessons and learning gaps and encourage sociality. In September, space for those who have to face educational debts

(Photo: Nicolò Campo / Sipa Usa) This year the schools could remain open during the summer months, to allow for recovery activities. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi is preparing a plan to organize class work from June to September and is expected to be published shortly.

Let's start with the funds to keep schools open even during the holidays . Within the so-called Sostegni decree, 150 million euros were allocated to "facilitate school institutions in the management of the emergency situation and in the development of activities aimed at enhancing the extracurricular training offer, the recovery of basic skills, the consolidation of disciplines ”And above all“ the promotion of activities for the recovery of sociability ”.

It is on this last point that the ministry is focusing the summer reopening plan. According to what was reported by Horizon school, the project could be structured in a first module, in June, focused on the recovery of learning and in a second part of activities, between July and August, based on socialization and recreational activities. While in September the remedial courses will be activated for any educational debts. This year there will not be an automatic promotion for everyone as in 2020, but the rejection will be restored in case of serious shortcomings.

The implementation of the plan foresees the involvement of volunteer teachers, who will receive an extra salary, and external professional figures such as experts in pedagogy or in other sectors, able to involve students in playful and socializing activities.

In addition to the 150 million euros of the support decree, schools will be able to use the approximately 300 million euros in European funds contained in the school's national operational program. catch (er) {} Read also

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