Also in the pharmacy you will be able to receive the anti Covid-19 vaccine

Also in the pharmacy you will be able to receive the anti Covid-19 vaccine

Mandatory courses will be given to participating pharmacists and vaccinations will be carried out even when the pharmacy is closed. This is how the protocol works

The sign of a pharmacy (Getty Images) Government, Regions and the trade associations Federfarma and Assofarm have signed the framework agreement that also allows pharmacies to take reservations and administer anti-vaccines. COVID-19 . The goal is to increase the points for the national vaccination campaign, in an attempt to reach 500 thousand vaccinations per day, as hoped by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Figliuolo.

How does the pharmacies protocol?

The pharmacies wishing to join the vaccination campaign will have to communicate it to the local health authorities, from which they will receive the doses to be inoculated. While the Higher Institute of Health will be responsible for guaranteeing specific training, through a compulsory course, for pharmacists who will physically carry out the vaccination.

Pharmacies must be equipped with adequate structures to guarantee social distancing, separated from spaces intended for the reception of normal customers. Special areas or gazebos dedicated to the administration and monitoring of vaccinated people will therefore be set up and the possibility of obtaining the vaccine will be guaranteed even when the pharmacy is closed. Between one vaccination and the next, at least 15 minutes of waiting will be respected, to ensure monitoring of the conditions of the vaccinated person and to disinfect the area. In addition, a first aid worker will always be present. The use of Ffp2, Kn95 masks and the use of a disposable coat for the pharmacist will be mandatory for all staff. For each inoculation, the pharmacy will receive a remuneration of 6 euros.

Who can do it?

The criterion for accessing vaccinations in pharmacies remains the same as previously used in other facilities. Reservations will be made by pharmacies, according to the categories and targets defined by the competent health authorities and following the priority criteria. For category 1, extremely vulnerable people who can develop severe or lethal forms of Covid-19 and people with severe allergies are excluded. While people with disabilities will be able to request vaccination at the pharmacy.

Priority will then be given to people of particularly advanced age and then, in order, to all those reported from category 2 (between 70 and 79 years old) to category 5 (from less than 60 up to 16). For patients who will go to the pharmacy it will be mandatory to wear Ffp2 masks, to have properly sanitized their hands and not to have a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees. The vaccine will be administered only after filling in the informed consent form.

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