Review: These are the hottest topics of the 12th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone

Review: These are the hottest topics of the 12th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone


Also in the week of March 21. Until March 28th, 2021 many articles worth reading have been published, which we have put together for you. The selection is made automatically by the system based on the number of hits, so it is not influenced by the editorial team. You won't miss a hot topic:


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In the same period there are of course news appeared, the eb have also been discussed in the community (123 news with 28 comments). The most read news in the past week:


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Two charities work to make prom season special

Jennifer Harris, 41, of Wellsville has big dreams in the making. The Tri-State Cinderella Project leaves her feeling fulfilled. “It isn’t just for us, it’s just because we have the dream and I have the motivation to just keep pushing” said Harris while standing in the upstairs portion of the old Liberty Theater at 515 Main St. in Wellsville. (Photo by Danielle Garner)

Jennifer Harris has a talent for beautiful creations. So the Tri-State Cinderella Project in Wellsville is a natural extension of her skills.

“I’ll hem them, I’ll re-bead them … so I’m standing there with a $900 dress for 25 bucks that I’ve restored,” Harris explained.

Harris, 41, loves to try new ideas. When a friend suggested having a pop-up boutique filled with formal gowns, Harris jumped on the opportunity. The first time Harris attempted the pop-up “it flopped.” Harris was left with over 200 gowns and nobody showed up.

Harris explained that failing didn’t discourage her from trying again. She spent a week contacting media and spreading the word. The next pop-up ended up being a success. Harris had started something that would allow her to reach out to her community.

Kristin Riddick Bodendorfer of Diva Donations in North Lima found formal gowns thrift shopping. What was once a fun pastime with her daughter had accumulated to 15 gowns before her daughter graduated. When Bodendorfer went to give the gowns away she only accumulated more.

Harris and Bodendorfer took advantage of their extensive gown collections and put their efforts toward helping others. Thanks to the passion and talents of these women, those in need of formal gowns have a place to go.

“It isn’t outrageous, but it is for a girl who can’t afford it,” said Harris when talking about paying retail for a formal gown.

Bodendorfer explained that finding a used gown was not as accessible when she was growing up. Organizations addressing affordability for those struggling to purchase gowns at retail prices did not exist.

Harris had conversations with her friends who confided about taking their daughters to try on dresses from online marketplaces. When Harris learned that dresses were being fitted in private homes and fast-food restrooms she was inspired to create a place where these girls could have an elegant experience without having a large price tag.

“We want them to have the same experience they would have walking into J. Jones,” Harris elaborated.

Diva Donations and The Tri-State Cinderella project help girls from all over. Bodendorfer has seen girls come as far as Columbus to try on dresses. Both projects are 501(c)3 approved as charitable organizations. The goal is to give teenagers a positive prom shopping experience. Diva Donations and Tri-State Cinderella Project also like to provide additional gifts such as make-up, purses, shoes, feminine products and flowers. These added accessories and services are based on donations and volunteers.

According to both Harris and Bodendorfer, prom gowns are seen as an investment. Harris stated that she has witnessed a lot of parents assume they can get $800 back from $1,000 gown. The truth is that once tags are removed and a dress is worn for a prom the dress is considered used. The value of the dress is reduced only to what someone is willing to pay for it.

“Give your dress a new life, let it have a new life and give somebody else a beautiful experience,” Bodendorfer insisted

Diva Donations offers young women the ability to rent a gown with a $35 deposit. The parent signs a slip to return the gown a week after the event. Upon returning the gown young women can fulfill two volunteer hours and get a majority of that deposit back.

“We are empowering the girls to realize they can help themselves. We are encouraging them to give back to their community and hopefully developing leaders and inspiring social responsibility,” said Bodendorfer.

Tri-State Cinderella project allows people to purchase dresses for $50. There is no limit on age or where someone can come from. Harris and Bodendorfer want young adults to experience prom, music recitals and other formal events without feeling excluded.

“I want them to walk in here proud and proud of what they walk out with,” Harris affirmed.

Giving teens and women the ability to purchase and earn their own prom is an accomplishment. Both organizations want to encourage young adults to reach for that goal.

Harris wants Tri-State Cinderella to grow jointly with other community outreach programs out of the historic Liberty Theater on Main Street in Wellsville. With over 900 gowns and space to expand, Harris is eager to keep pursuing her hopes.

“We have the dream and I have the motivation to just keep pushing,” Harris assured.

Diva Donations also hopes to expand its reach and continue to help young adults experience prom and other formal rights of passage. Bodendorfer hopes that once public distancing and COVID restrictions are loosened she will be able to utilize The Fairy Godmother Room, a party room will accommodate parties for younger children.

Diva Donations is located in North Lima. Appointments can be scheduled online at The Tri-State Cinderella Project can be reached at 330-532-0080 to schedule appointments.

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