Hunter x Hunter: Netero vs Meruem by Figurama Collectors - Unboxing

Hunter x Hunter: Netero vs Meruem by Figurama Collectors - Unboxing

Hunter x Hunter

A few days ago, directly from the Legnano headquarters, Mauro and David (the lucky owner of this masterpiece) performed a live unboxing of a statue, Netero vs Meruem, produced by Figurama Collectors for the Elite Fandom Statue line distributed all over the world with a circulation of 1200 copies. The live was broadcast on the Twitch channel of Pop Culture and was then adapted in the form of a Youtube clip. Haven't we caught your attention yet?

Ok, let's start immediately by saying that the statue, once assembled, measures more than 80 cm with a weight of 35 kg. Both Mauro and David had never had to deal with a similar product and therefore started by showing the opening of the packaging, also showing us the dimensions compared to the two of them. After opening the box, they found an envelope with a poster of the statue inside, instructions for correct assembly with the detailed list of each piece and a certificate of authenticity stamped with the serial number 942/1200 and the signatures of the CEO of Figurama Collectors and the sculptor.

Packaging and Assembly

The polystyrene blister, divided into two levels, is sealed by two straps with velcro, designed by Figurama Collectors. If it happens to you too, to assemble such a statue for the first time, we advise you to take a photograph of the contents before moving the pieces from the various housings. The first level contains the "smaller" parts of the statue including the two interchangeable heads for Netero, the bodies of the two characters and the golden hand of Netero's evocation.

The latter is truly an incredible piece because it is almost the size of a human hand in reality. Having placed all the elements on the table, the two “expert fitters” continued to extract elements from the second blister, positioned at the bottom of the box. The base, as you will see, is really huge and heavy but as you can also imagine it has the purpose of supporting all that cucuzzaro of material that they extracted from the first blister just before.


At the end of the whole assembly, which was speeded up for stylistic needs, the statue was analyzed with a short close-up that allowed us to appreciate the incredible details of its realization. We remind you that the statue of Hunter x Hunter, Netero vs Meruem sold out in a few hours and the lucky ones who ordered it started receiving it between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

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10 Times Hunter X Hunter Was Darker Than It Needed To Be

At first glance, Hunter x Hunter appears to be standard shonen fare — lovable characters, fun storylines, fascinating abilities, and this holds true for the most part. Audiences adore Gon and Killua's friendship as much as they are excited by the combat sequences and the limitless plethora of antagonists.

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At the same time, Hunter x Hunter's narrative occasionally takes a turn for the worse, not in terms of quality as much as in the extremely dark and violent scenes incorporated into the anime. To be honest, if it's just blood and gore, it could have been written off as merely graphic, but the story includes several instances of psychological horror, as well.

10 Neferpitou Examines Pokkle's Brain

Pokkle, the Hunter of Fantastic Beasts, is unfortunate enough to be knocked out and captured by a group of Chimera Ants. He soon wakes up but finds that he's trapped in the Chimera Ant Queen's lair, and decides to camouflage himself by diving under a mound of bones.

Sadly, Neferpitou sniffs out his presence — it is soon revealed that the Royal Guard has opened up Pokkle's skull, à la Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Unlike the cannibal psychiatrist though, Pitou probes Pokkle's brain, extracting information about Nen and its principles by skillfully kneading his cerebral cortex.

9 Killua's Cold-Blooded Heart Excavation Is Terrifying

Killua, Gon, Tonpa, Leorio, and Kurapika face off five Trick Tower prisoners, in a majority-wins situation. Before the young Zoldyck's turn, the score reaches an even 2-2, so the responsibility to win the overall battle for the team is now his. Killua is asked to fight Johness the Dissector, who Leorio identifies as a mass-murderer known for killing 146 people.

As interesting, and, to a large extent, macabre the scenario is, the assassin-in-training doesn't hold back against his opponent — in a single movement, Killua manages to pluck the heart out of Johness' ribcage.

8 The Consumption Of Reina And Kurt By The Chimera

Kurt and Reina are depicted as close, and extremely loving: as her older brother, he wants nothing more than to keep her safe and happy. That is until they make their way to the riverbank in order to catch some fish; they encounter an enormous Chimera, who moves menacingly towards them.

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Kurt bravely attempts to protect Reina, but they are presumably killed — in a later scene, the Ant Queen is implied to be feasting on the two children. Thankfully, the little girl is reborn as Shidore, the Peon Chimera Ant, reuniting with her mother in a bittersweet conclusion to her story.

7 Uvogin Transforms A Skull Fragment Into A Projectile (With His Mouth)

Uvogin singlehandedly battles four of the Ten Shadow Beasts, Leech, Worm, Porcupine, and Rabid Dog — proving to be mightier than all of them combined. At one point, though, Rabid Dog's bite transfers a dangerous toxin into Uvogin's bloodstream, which initiates paralysis of the body.

Leech takes the chance and attacks, only to have his skull partially gnawed off by his opponent (as the latter's head isn't affected by the neurotoxin.) As gruesome as this sounds, Uvogin makes it so much worse by 'spitting' a piece of skull straight through Rabid Dog's Nen-enhanced palm, striking him in the temple.

6 When Kite's Head Was On Pitou's Lap

Kite's overwhelming rout of the Hagya Chimera Ant Division notwithstanding, the true test of his abilities appears in the form of Neferpitou. Although the Royal Guard member rips his arm out in the span of a second, he is the first to realize that his latest opponent is not one who can be defeated easily, if at all.

Kite tries to charge at them with his Crazy Slots, but he is no match for Pitou. The sight of Pitou playing with Kite's head rolling around in their lap is simultaneously grisly and terrifying.

5 When Mitsuba Fails To Fulfill Alluka's Conditions

One of the many butlers serving the Zoldyck family, Mitsuba is asked by Kikyo to take part in her 'experiment.' The matriarch, being aware of Alluka's bizarre form of wish-granting magic, intends to unravel the rules behind her daughter's ability.

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Mitsuba, according to her directive, rejects all of Alluka's requests — after the fourth time, her body is compressed until it disappears completely, an event that sounds far less dreadful than it appears.

4 Spot & Rover: Yunju's Horrifying Human Pets Are Uncomfortable To Watch

Yunju, one of the Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders, has 'domesticated' a pair of unknown characters, who are turned into a rather ghastly pair of human 'pets'. They are forced to walk on their elbows and knees, not to mention as naked as the day they were born.

Known as Spot and Rover, these two creatures do little more than bawl and beg for their lives, but their groveling both angers and invigorates Yunju. In either case, Spot and Rover are killed by the Chimera Ant when he gets bored with them.

3 The Tale Of Gyro's Violent Childhood & Uncaring Father Is Heartbreaking

The nation of Neo-Green Life, or NGL, is created by Gyro, a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. When his backstory is finally uncovered, though, viewers learned that he had experienced one of the worst childhoods imaginable. Gyro spends his early life doing construction work non-stop, but the most unfair hand dealt to him is his parentage.

His father, the alcoholic abuser, is respected by the young Gyro. This changes after the kid is violently beaten by one of his peers. At this point, he is told that his dad had never really cared for him, so Gyro naturally chooses to murder the man.

2 The Story Behind The Sonata Of Darkness Is Chilling

Melody mentions the Sonata of Darkness in her conversation with Kurapika, who doubts that such a thing even exists. The Music Hunter explains that her current physical appearance is a direct result of having heard the piece being played on the flute, going so far as to showing her allegedly mutated skin to Kurapika (the audience is thankfully spared the vision.)

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In addition, Melody claims that her friend who actually plays the Sonata of Darkness does not have a happy ending. It is believed that the music had originally been composed by the 'Devil King'.

1 Meruem's Thoughts On Humanity — To Eat Or To Oppress?

The Ant King is born with a sense of ruthlessness that surpasses his minions by a mile. He destroys his mother's body, ignores her dying throes, and subsequently murders a couple of low-ranking Chimera Ants for seemingly no reason.

When Meruem makes his base in the palace prepared for him, he declares that humans would make an excellent diet for his army. He further adds that those who show combat promise are to be converted into Chimera Ants with Pouf's Cocoon ability. It is only when Meruem meets Netero and Komugi that he begins to reconsider his decisions.

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