We tried the Lamborghini AL1 scooter

We tried the Lamborghini AL1 scooter

How to drive and how to travel on the road the new electric vehicle by Automobili Lamborghini e-Mobility

(Photo: Wired) It is a custom-built vehicle in the sector: the first Lamborghini-branded vehicle in an e-scooter version. It's called AL1 and it's an electric scooter, produced under license by M.T. Distribution in the Italian Motor Valley: it is the first example of the Automobili Lamborghini e-Mobility project.

On the shaft, in sturdy magnesium alloy, it sports the logo with the Bull and comes already pre-assembled in a box, but with Allen screws and mounting screws: the handlebar is in fact the only component that needs to be fixed by hand, placing the electrical connection cable inside, which is taped and well protected. The quality is in the details: there are spare screws and tools for future mechanical adjustments of the AL1. But there is no instruction manual, which can be downloaded in pdf from the site. And there is a dedicated app, with management software: it connects via bluetooth and reflects manual commands, plus some additional functions and data: average routes, cruise control, fuel consumption and speed, basically all the info for commuting with a scooter. .

The AL1 has a practical cockpit, with a single control button: turns the vehicle and lights on and off, as well as selects the 3 driving modes: pedestrian up to 6 km / h, standard up to 15 km / h and the red "s" of Sport, up to 25 km / h, which is the maximum peak allowed by the regulations and offers a significant increase in power, speed and recovery.

The scooter is sturdy and heavy (15 kg), with a sophisticated rod locking mechanism, which is useful for transport and includes a hook under the handlebar, to be fixed to the rear fender. The hook is not used to hang the backpack or shopping bag on the handlebar, but it still invites you to do so. Life on board, on the large floor, allows a high driving position, with an excellent view of the surrounding environment. While the handlebar has a rubber grip and, under the thumbs, the two levers to drive are positioned: accelerator (white) on the right, front brake (red) on the left.

The e-scooter arrives on the market half a century after the legendary Countach, on which the “scissor doors” debuted, which since then have been known as: “lambo doors”. And fifty years later, even the electric grandson surprises for innovative aesthetic choices, which increase passive visibility: under the floor are included two rows of environmental LEDs, which are activated with the lights and color the asphalt under the body, in style "Fast & furious".

(Photo: Automobili Lamborghini e-Mobility AL1) The AL1 drives easily and naturally and has a powerful 0.35 kW engine, which is activated at 3 km / h after a push with the foot. But there is also an automatic start mode: "zero start", for starts from a standstill. Up to 15 km / h it can be driven easily, always looking a few meters in front of the front wheel, to identify: holes, manholes and obstacles. In sport mode it already becomes more demanding, due to speed: it runs like a bike downhill, therefore it requires more attention and physicality in driving, for example when leaning in curves.

At the front there is a small suspension, which absorbs part of the roughness of the ground so as not to transmit them to the hands. The brakes are electric at the front and mechanical at the rear: you press the mudguard against the wheel, like on a canonical scooter. Note that due to the design of the rear plastic rim, it can be parked on the street: there is enough space to secure the wheel with a chain or bloster in cycle parking spaces.

(Photo: Wired ) The declared autonomy is around 25 / 30km, but is subject to many variables: rider's weight, driving style, road conditions, speed and average. In the test, the Lamborghini of the scooters covered more than 32 km, but in several sections and in several days, still leaving a surviving notch in the battery display. The charger it is supplied with has a red / green led of clear intuition and the input slot is well designed, with anti-humidity rubber cap. The price of 499 euros is in line with the authority of the brand and the quality of the product, which is recommended for those who have mobility needs in the "city of 15 minutes" and are looking for a vehicle that is fast, sporty and stylish, but with zero management costs. Worth noting: the shield with the Lamborghini logo is at risk of theft, which is glued to the temple and can suffer looting like the Volkswagen and Mercedes car badges.

Rating: 8.5

Wired: The two rows of LEDs do not go unnoticed. And in sport mode you can feel the power: on some terrains, the front drive wheel can skid in recovery.

Tired: The mechanical bell, which is a legal obligation: it is classic, cheap and anonymous.

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