Autostrade launches a startup to invest in new technologies

Autostrade launches a startup to invest in new technologies

The Aspi group creates Movyon, a hub for innovation in the transport sector: from the analysis of big data on traffic and new systems for urban mobility

Photo: Movyon From Autostrade's "technological laboratory" for Italy with a 200 million turnover brand in 2024, open to the international market and capable of investing 100 million euros in innovation. Movyon is born, the new technological evolution operator of Autostrade Tech that aims to offer mobility solutions that are sustainable and highly innovative for millions of motorists. "Movyon is a fundamental piece of the implementation of the new industrial plan of Autostrade per l'Italia," said the CEO of Autostrade per l'Italia (Aspi), Roberto Tomasi.

"Movyon's technologies and solutions - said the Aspi top manager - will enable the implementation of innovative mobility services that will improve the travel experience of several million people, on the motorway as in the city. We will work to make an important contribution to the new forms of mobility towards which the country is moving decisively ”.

What is Movyon

Movyon will be a real technological hub dedicated to mobility infrastructures, which will also allow the development of digital solutions for the analysis of traffic flows and will allow the management of hardware platforms for monitoring infrastructure works.

Lorenzo Rossi, until now at the helm of Autostrade Tech, will hold the reins of the new company of the group. "Our technology is developed in the largest open-air laboratory in Europe: the 3,000 kilometers of the Autostrade per l'Italia network", said the manager who stressed that Aspi already manages over 1 billion transactions worldwide. year and can count on 4 thousand cameras placed throughout the network.

Unlike the recent past, however, the company will also deal with mobility outside the motorway network and will open up to universities, incubators and startups to develop cutting-edge solutions with a view to open innovation and co-creation. “We will continue to innovate, imagining how new technologies will make mobility easier, in all its forms,” Rossi stressed.

Tolls reimbursed for queues by June

Many projects are ready to start. By June 2021, Rossi assured, the platform that allows the introduction of dynamic pricing on motorway sections will be activated. The new system will be able to analyze the travel times of the sections in real time and will allow the payment of toll refunds for any hours lost in the queue, when delays and queues are due to road maintenance work in progress. "The system - said Rossi - will automatically measure this delay and quantify the reimbursement" already at the toll booth.

Movyon also works on the interactive monitoring of heavy vehicles and bets on high definition cameras, drones, lasers and artificial intelligence for the control of bridges and viaducts. Between April and September 2021, Rossi said, "the 3D scanning of over 130 bridges and viaducts will be completed in Liguria, through the use of drones equipped with laser technology and high-definition cameras, which allow the creation of a 'digital twin'. infrastructure ”which with the help of artificial intelligence will allow“ automatic recognition of defects ”.

In the future there is not only the motorway network. The Movyon industrial plan to 2024 envisages providing services dedicated to urban mobility, monitoring metropolitan infrastructures; regulating access to urban centers by bulky vehicles, such as tourist buses; streamlining flows through the optimization of service management processes in large Italian cities.

“The new technologies - it is pointed out - will allow local administrations to foresee the formation of queues at traffic lights and congested areas, or cars in double rows” or even the filling of bins. "All this - underlined Rossi - through a single centralized control room", able to communicate with institutions and citizens to provide information even if only on the presence of free parking spaces or on the level of pollution in the air.

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