PlayStation Store towards closure on PS3? Impossible purchases and unreachable site

PlayStation Store towards closure on PS3? Impossible purchases and unreachable site

According to a recent report, Sony would have planned the closure of the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP stores for next July. The news has not yet obtained official confirmation, but in these hours something very strange has occurred, as well as worrying for the players still fond of the old consoles of the house.

Having heard the news of the closure, many users had restarted their consoles to buy catalog games before the final shutdown of the servers, but for a few hours now the purchasing procedures have not been successful. According to reports available on social networks such as Reddit and Twitter, at the moment in some regions of the world it is impossible to buy games from the PlayStation 3 store (games cannot be added to the cart, while in other cases the addition of funds or payment with credit card are blocked) ... and this is not the only strange thing that is happening.

As you have surely noticed, in conjunction with the launch of the PS5 Sony has also changed the web version of the PlayStation Store: the current one allows you to browse only and exclusively the PS4 and PS5 catalog, making it technically impossible to consult and purchase legacy titles. The users of the old consoles, in any case, were able to get around a problem with a direct link to the old version of the PlayStation Store, but in these hours access has been permanently blocked (the redirection to the new version is automatically made) .

Ultimately, there is currently no way to buy a PS3 game, either from the console or from the web. It may simply be a glitch, but the timing with which it is occurring (within days of the closure report) is causing players to worry. Some users are even having trouble downloading games regularly purchased in the past from their library. Something is actually happening in the wings, we look forward to an official announcement from Sony.

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