XIM Apex allows you to use mouse and keyboard with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PS4

XIM Apex allows you to use mouse and keyboard with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PS4
Despite being on the market for some time, a recent update of XIM Apex has put the device back on the crest of the wave. For those unfamiliar with this accessory we can say that it is a rather simple and robust method to use mouse and keyboard with all Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PS4 games, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360.

Put simply, XIM Apex is a USB key to be connected to your console that is able to "translate" the commands sent through a mouse and keyboard and convert them so that the machine thinks it received them from a normal gamepad. In this way it is possible to use the typical setup of PC gamers on all console games, even those not officially supported.

Just connect the XIM Apex to the console and a dongle to it to connect the three peripherals (mouse, keyboard and pad) and that's it. In order to download the latest firmware, the one that improves the performance of the peripheral, as well as makes it compatible with Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, all you need is a simple phone (or PC) that , through the bluetooth connection, it will send the most recent configuration data to the XIM Apex.

Given the support for PS4 and PlayStation 3, we would not rule out that sooner or later the new Sony console will also be included among the supported hardware .

The peripheral is not cheap, as it costs $ 100 on the official website, excluding shipping and handling, or $ 140 on Amazon. In the latter case, the link contains an affiliation that allows sportsgaming.win to obtain a small percentage from each purchase.

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