Perseverance shows us the panorama of Mars

Perseverance shows us the panorama of Mars

Landed about a week ago on Mars, the Perseverance rover immediately began transmitting images, video and audio to Earth. Today it's up to some panoramic photos showing the red planet in all its majesty, captured by the Jezero crater (with a diameter of over 47 km) chosen by NASA for landing.

Mars: the panoramic photos of the Perseverance rover

These are 360-degree shots acquired thanks to Mastcam-Z, a pair of zoom cameras on board the unit. The final result was obtained after processing 142 images saved on February 21st. This is the first, in its integral form.

Below is a useful detail to understand how high the resolution of the sensors is.

Lo the same is true for the second of the two panoramic photos.

Also in this case we extract a detail, a rock placed at a great distance from the acquisition point.

For high resolution versions of the images and further details, please refer to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website (link at the end of the article). The Californian research and development center was the protagonist of the message hidden in the parachute that slowed the descent of Perseverance on Martian soil: the arrangement of its red and white sections was nothing more than the encoding of the message "Dare Mighty Things" (the translation into Italian "Dare Things Potenti" does not do it justice), motto of the laboratory.

The purpose of the mission is to evaluate the habitability of the planet, investigating its past and looking for traces of biological life, also collecting samples that may one day be returned to Earth. On board Perseverance there is also Ingenuity, a helicopter that will take off to conduct studies and analyzes from above: its hardware and software system consists of a Snapdragon 801 processor and Linux operating system.

Source : NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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