Call of Duty Warzone: guide to the best build for the FARA 83

Call of Duty Warzone: guide to the best build for the FARA 83

Call of Duty Warzone

The arrival of COD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has brought with it the introduction, from day one, of some new weapons that can be unlocked for free, including the FARA 83.

We are talking about an automatic assault rifle like the FARA 83 which can be unlocked for free simply by reaching level 15 in the Battle Pass (to level up in the Pass you just need to play any game mode). Unlike most of the other automatic rifles in CoD Warzone, the FARA 83 is capable of unleashing a very intense and dangerous firestorm even at distances usually considered prohibitive for other guns in the same category, for the price of one. increased recoil and reduced accuracy in long range bursts. So let's see how to make the most of the features of this new weapon through the accessories, equipment and specialties of our setup.

Best setup FARA 83

Volata: Silencer Agency Canna: 15 , 5 "Contour Sight: Axial Arms 3x / Visiontech 2x Under-barrel: Field Agent Grip Ammo: 60-round Rapid Magazine Laser: None Stock: None Grip: None Now let's go into detail about our choices, starting from the muzzle: the silencer could seem many a little useful accessory in a title like Warzone, which bases much of its gameplay on frenetic battles. However, the feature that interests us of the Agency Silencer is its ability to significantly reduce the vertical recoil of the weapon: in this way you will be able to unload huge quantities of bullets without having to worry too much about balancing the movement of your FARA 83.

The 15.5 ”barrel is very useful to further increase the speed of the bullets without sacrificing the damage inflicted by each of them. Thanks to this accessory you will therefore be able to eliminate your enemies almost instantly even from a very long distance, without even having to predict the position of a running target.

To balance the very high rate of fire of the FARA 83 and to avoid running dry in the middle of a fight, it is essential to always be well stocked with ammunition: hence the choice of inserting a magazine increased by 60 rounds with a bonus to the reload speed, thanks to which it will be really difficult to stay dry.

The Field Agent grip is a real must have for anyone planning to use the FARA 83, as it reduces its vertical and horizontal recoil. In this way you will be able to hit your enemies with extremely fast and precise lead discharges without having to manually balance the oscillations of the weapon.

Finally, let's spend a few words on the sights, given the double option inserted. The Axial Arms 3x sight is probably one of the most used for assault rifles in Call Of Duty Warzone, as it provides a good view over medium and long range without hindering your movements in close combat, and is therefore suitable for most of the situations you will encounter in the game. If, on the other hand, you intend to play very aggressively, engaging opponents in close-range fights, the Visiontech 2x sight is the one for you.

Specialties and Equipment

Perk 1: EOD Perk 2: Excessive Response Perk 3: Amplified Lethal: Tactical Semtex: Heartbeat Sensor The choice of this set of specialties and equipment is soon justified: the FARA 83 is a perfect weapon for medium and long shootings distance, but it loses much of its effectiveness when used in tight spaces, such as inside a building or inside an alley. For this reason, the advice is to take advantage of Excess Response to carry a secondary weapon for close combat, such as a light machine gun or a shotgun, which you will be able to quickly wield in time of need thanks to the Amplified perk. br>
The set for infiltration inside a building is completed by the semtex grenade, excellent for flushing out the enemy from its shelter, the heartbeat sensor, which will reveal the presence of enemies in the surroundings, and the EOD perk , thanks to which you will suffer a significantly reduced amount of damage from enemy grenades and explosives, including C4 and Claymore, the nightmares of any player trying to clean up a building.

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