Call of Duty Warzone: are you afraid of campers? This technique saves your life

Call of Duty Warzone: are you afraid of campers? This technique saves your life
There are many frustrating situations in any competitive multiplayer game. The internet connection is perhaps in first place, but the second place is probably won by campers, certainly the most hateful opponents of all. Call of Duty Warzone, the Activison battle royale is full of them, obviously we don't want to take it out on those who take shelter, sometimes taking advantage of the houses helps to win games by protecting themselves from groups of bloodthirsty enemies, it certainly depends on the way you play. There are several dangerous locations in Verdansk, but the most unnerving ones are probably the turrets.

If hypothetically you find yourself in a situation where you are chased by the gas and in addition surrounded by a player stationed on a tower, in most cases you will be eliminated. A Reddit user recently discovered a trick to address this problem, using the game map, invisibility and parachute. We would like to say that this is not a bug or yet another technical problem to be solved, but a "move by real pro players" that will prevent you from being eliminated and subsequently exploit the turret to your advantage.

What you have to do is take advantage of the altitude by climbing as fast as possible on one of the roofs of the surrounding houses. At this point you just need to open your parachute, stand sideways to increase the descent speed and you will easily find yourself near the windows to be able to climb over and then take out your enemy without him noticing. It certainly takes a good deal of practice mixed with luck but it could be vital in situations that are apparently difficult to solve. If you are a Call of Duty Warzone player, try to take advantage of this trick and possibly let us know if it worked or not. Below, as mentioned above, we leave you the clip in question.

How To: Push fire tower campers from CODWarzone

What do you think of this news? Have you discovered any tricks of this type to solve matches? Let us know in the comments what were the most absurd situations you have experienced in Call of Duty Warzone. As usual, we invite you to follow our pages for all the news and future updates regarding the free-to-play battle royale available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and next gen consoles.

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