You have to know that! A plea for remakes and reboots - column

You have to know that! A plea for remakes and reboots - column
"Who is Solid Snake?", "Gordon Freeman? Never heard of it, I don't know." "Desmond ... Who? Altair? Don't tell me." With these words, the neck hairs of some gamers will probably stand up, after all, these names are partly genre-defining protagonists! Even so, these heroes are gradually being forgotten. The old classics are not only out of date, but now have enough modern competition to only be a topic in nostalgic Steam communities.

Unthinkable for some, this is my real player reality: At the tender age of 24 and Offspring of Generation Z, I really haven't played a lot of games that, according to the Internet, you have to experience. As a little sister, I was dependent on my older brother's taste and which console I thought I was allowed to use.

Not the games of my generation

I experienced most of the games as "over my shoulder" "-Let's play when I was watching my brother. Bioshock, Assassin's Creed and Half-Life have brought me to where I am today - in front of my Playstation, next to my Xbox and a little to the left of it is the gaming laptop. I caught up with Assassin's Creed up to Brotherhood, Bioshock at least played the first part and Fallout only the fourth, as well as the MMO offshoot Fallout 76. I don't even dare to try the rest of the Pile of Shame, also because it is thanks to Playstation Plus and Xbox -Game pass increases immeasurably. The ghosts of Darksiders, Divinity 2 and Sacred haunt my game libraries, just waiting to finally be installed. But for me they can't keep up with Cyberpunk 2077, Immortals: Fenix ​​Rising and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Whether Dragon Age Origins or, as here, Risen don't take anything in my eyes. The game design constantly reminds me of how outdated the title is and that I have a lot more fun with modern game mechanics. Source: Piranha Bytes

I wouldn't care if the gaming community wasn't such a damn nostalgic bunch! Features about Monkey Island, eternal comparisons with Gothic or Fallout: New Vegas always show me what gaming history I have missed. I wanted to go to the video game history school desk and got myself the Risen trilogy and Dragon Age: Origins. But after a total of 15 hours of playing time in the two classic cars, my endeavors came to an end. Without the nostalgic fan glasses, the classics are not playable for me: apart from the lumpy, muddy graphics, the controls feel so unwieldy that I get a few screams in addition to "eye cancer". Self-diagnosis: graphic whore and better used.

The shadows of the past

The solution couldn't be easier, after all I can just go for newer titles that meet my requirements. But honestly - who wants to play Borderlands 3 if they missed the first part? It's the same with The Witcher 3, Diablo 3 and soon Diablo 4. God of War does it better, because instead of continuing an old story, the series is given a reboot. A new start that picks up old fans and makes it as easy as possible for a new generation to get started. You can almost forgive Sony that they sold God of War 3 as a remake of its time without including the first two parts. Nearly. The better reboot is Tomb Raider, because the omission of a previous action makes any prior knowledge obsolete. I am allowed to play an iconic video game heroine without stomach ache, whose history I did not research on the Internet beforehand.

But it doesn't always have to be a reboot, a remake always comes in handy for me. But then please from the first part - Yes, God of War, you are meant. And fortunately, where developers fail, fans step in these days: Black Mesa is my prince charming on a white horse. I can finally play Half-Life and it doesn't look like grits, but meets current gamer demands. The fact that such projects have to be implemented by fans in their free time is, however, an indictment. In this lifetime Valve will probably no longer persuade them to develop a remake of Half-Life 2, but other games also need, if not a reboot, at least a remake.

Thank goodness some hardworking fans have joined pity me to develop a remake of Half Life, on the other hand I would probably never dare to try the old classic. Source: Crowbar Collective Not new enough

Where The Witcher 3 shines, the first two parts of the series definitely deserve a major overhaul. Yes, even the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher is no longer current enough for me. The remaster may have been a refresher ten years ago, but the clunky controls paired with greatly fluctuating difficulty levels are anything but contemporary in 2020. Incidentally, that doesn't mean that the title wasn't good at the time. Instead, The Witcher is good enough that a real remake is worth it at all.

Even The Elder Scrolls should have a couple of remasters that bridge the sixth part of the series will certainly do more than the seventh port of Skyrim . And please Bethesda, if you ever manage to renew your engine, then I know many players who even advocate a remake of Fallout: New Vegas, supposedly the best part of the series! After all, remakes, reboots and remasters do not have to be a rip-off and are not always a sign of a lack of creativity in the gaming industry, they keep game worlds and heroes alive so that Generation Z can still have something from them.

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