Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be the first folding under 1000 euros

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be the first folding under 1000 euros

There are strong chances that the new clamshell smartphone will become the first affordable foldable

(Photo: Samsung) The smartphone market awaits the first foldable model with a price under 1000 euros and Samsung could meet the demands with his next Galaxy Z Flip 3. The second model with clamshell design will be called Flip 3 and not Flip 2 to balance the bill with the Fold line and would leverage the Korean manufacturer's experience in the flexible display segment to embrace an even wider audience.

With the abbreviation Sm-F720F, Galaxy Flip 3 would lower costs by offering only the 4G connection and this would imply the use of a proprietary SoC such as Exynos 990 in a similar way to the good Galaxy S20 Fan Edition or a Snapdragon 855+ or, alternatively, a Snapdragon 865 paired with an lte modem. More than possible the presence in the catalog also of a Z Flip 3 with 5G with higher cost (Sm-F721B?) To adapt to the new generation networks.

The technical data sheet would broadly resume that of the released model this year (here our review) as well as in the design with the presence of the convenient secondary screen to be exploited when holding the smartphone closed, so it will most likely be a model belonging to the so-called premium medium range, a few steps below the top of range. And it may not include the charger in the package.

The Samsung folding line for 2021 should include two models of Fold 3 with the standard one and the Fan Edition one and both should be compatible with the S-Pen, symbol of the possible extinct Galaxy Note range. The capacitive nib should also peep out with the most powerful model of the S21 family, namely S21 Ultra, which should be presented on January 14th.

Z Flip 3 should instead debut before the summer, in May. Meanwhile, the ever-growing catalog of leaflets will be joined by another innovative solution such as that of rollable smartphones such as Oppo X Tom Ford.

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