Xiaomi Mi 11 fully unveiled in preview

Xiaomi Mi 11 fully unveiled in preview
The smartphones of the Xiaomi Mi 11 family are ready, of course. The date for their presentation remains unchanged to December 28, 2020. Being so close to the event, the various leakers have posted images and specifications of the standard model, in order to reveal the aesthetic details.

Xiaomi Mi 11 it will be as you see it, so you can start making a purely aesthetic judgment. The version represented is the light blue one, the few frames that enclose the front display will always be black. The panel will be OLED at 120 Hz in Quad HD + resolution.

We do not remember other recent launches in which a brand presents its top of the range with the latest Qualcomm processor, which was presented not even a month ago. Xiaomi has also succeeded in breaking down this “wall”.

Let's come to design. The front part is not entirely noticeable but we are sure that in the upper portion there is a front camera housed in a hole or central or moved to the left. The edges on all 4 sides should be curved, it can be appreciated "from the shadow" that can be seen along the vertical sides of the panel.

At the rear, Xiaomi invents a different design. There are 3 cameras enclosed in a squircle (from the union between square and circle). The two verticals on the far left would seem slightly raised compared to the rest enclosed in the silver area, which includes a LED flash below. The main sensor will be 108 MP. Remaining on the back, the material is leatherette but compatible with wireless charging. In any case, there will be more variants to comply with more "classic" tastes.

In addition to the Snapdragon 888, from the image we see that Mi 11 will have 12 GB of RAM and Android 11 software side with MIUI customization 12.

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