Kawasaki has been targeted by a cyber attack

Kawasaki has been targeted by a cyber attack

The Japanese industrial giant was the victim of an orchestrated cyber breach to hit the company from multiple fronts. The attacks all came from the company's overseas offices.

A moving image of the Ninja 2020 A computer breach hit a server of the Japanese giant Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The same company reported the violation, after having discovered unauthorized access to one of the corporate servers coming from some offices abroad and dating back to August.

According to the Japanese giant that produces motorcycles, engines, equipment robotic and naval, the access information that allowed the breach may have been stolen during a previous intrusion that occurred in early 2020.

The breach came from some Kawasaki offices in Thailand. According to the company, such access should not have occurred. Moreover, as the press release issued by the company explains, the day before the violation, the communication between the head office and the offices in Thailand "was completely interrupted considering a case of unauthorized access".

La move was not enough to prevent the intrusion. Kawasaki then discovered that it was not a single entry attempt but an attack from multiple fronts. While the Japanese giant's cybersecurity team was focused on the actions needed to defend the Thai headquarters' networks, other access attempts from Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States were successful.

A subsequent investigation has confirmed the violation. And the risk that some information has leaked. At present, however, the company does not have sufficient evidence to be sure of the compromise of corporate or personal information of customers and employees.

According to the Japanese company, the attack was very sophisticated. Cybercriminals have used advanced technology to avoid detection. Although Kawasaki claims it has not been breached since August, communications between the central server and overseas offices, which were interrupted due to the attack, were only restored on November 30.

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