Best documentaries on Netflix | December 2020

Best documentaries on Netflix | December 2020
Not just Netflix live TV shows or movies. The entertainment offer of the Reed Hastings service is huge, thanks to the multitude of contents that compete for our attention (and our time!), But when we are looking for something that goes beyond seriality, Netflix comes to meet us by offering us the opportunity to discover the world from a different perspective. The offer of documentaries on Netflix is ​​surprisingly wide: it ranges from great sports stories to science, from geography to history, without forgetting technology and society. The risk, faced with such a number of choices, is to lose what is the most interesting content, which is why we have decided to make a selection of the best documentaries on Netflix.

The best documentaries on Netflix

The Last Dance The Social Dilemma Challenger: The last flight The Chef Show The toys of our childhood High Score Alien Worlds If you want to try the Netflix service you can redeem your free month here

The Last Dance

Ideal for sports fans, and for all those who have grown up with the myth of Michael Jordan and his legendary Chicago Bulls. Taking as a cue the last year of the historic formation of the Invincible Bulls, the docu-series focuses on the central figures of the team, such as Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, going to reconstruct their personal path and the fundamental role they played in leading the team. of Chicago in the Olympus of basketball, as you can read in our review. The Last Dance is one of the best documentaries on Netflix, thanks to its episodic nature that allows you to create a parallel between the last glorious vintage of a team that has become a legend and the path that has led every athlete to become part of this myth of sport. between dropouts, excellent returns and defeats.


The Social Dilemma

Our daily life is now heavily influenced by social media, at a level that we may not even understand. Guided by personalities who in different ways and times have contributed to the creation of our digital life, we are guided within the dynamics of Facebook, Google and other social networks that we use every day. Through the words of these experts, some of whom inventors of aspects of our digital everyday life, we can finally discover the mechanisms that move the complex world of social media, not limited to the interaction between users but by exploring the entire economic corollary of this virtual reality that often darkens real life.


Challenger: The last flight

Produced by JJ Abrams and Glen Zipper, the four-pointed docu-series traces the history of the Challenger, the shuttle that in 1986 was the star of one of the greatest tragedies of modern times. Within just 73 seconds of taking off, the Challenger exploded as millions of Americans watched live on television. The Netflix docu-series does not just tell the tragedy, but inserts this tragic parenthesis of the space adventure within the American society of the period, thanks to contributions from people directly involved and the use of original material of the time. helping us retrace the history of one of NASA's most painful chapters.


The Chef Show

The name behind The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau, lands on Netflix with a docu-series in which he leaves his great passion free: cooking. Accompanied by chef Roy Choi and a series of famous guests, Favreau takes a journey into the kitchens of renowned chefs, alternating tastings of succulent dishes and sharing unmissable recipes. Favreau's sympathy becomes an effective tool to lead us to the discovery of the secrets of starred chefs, intertwining chatter between famous friends who share personal anecdotes, not necessarily related to food. Among the guests of this first series of episodes Tom Holland, Seth Rogen and Robert Downey Jr.


The toys of our childhood

Appealing to our childhood memories, the Netflix docu-series guides us on a journey through memories, making us relive with a touch of nostalgia the history of some of the iconic toys of the 80s and 90s. From Ninja Turtles to Wrestling fighters, without forgetting the Star Wars puppets or the immortal Barbie, in The Toys of Our Childhood the success of some of the most desired games by children of the 80s is analyzed, revealing the background on their birth and, in some cases, also explaining the reasons for a slow decline of brands considered immortal.


High Score

The series that video game enthusiasts cannot miss. High Score, as we tell you in our review, is a continuous discovery of the history of the video game world, starting from the famous Space Invaders up to Doom, going beyond the simple story of the creative process and dedicating itself to revealing all the implications of the history of major brands of the videogame entertainment world, primarily Nintendo. For those familiar with English, High Score should be viewed in its original language to enjoy the narrative voice of Charles Martinet, a mythical figure in the world of video games, known for being the voice of Super Mario.


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Alien Worlds

The great humanity's question: are we alone in the universe? While waiting for science to answer this question, Netflix guides us on a hypothetical journey on potentially explorable planets, imagining what the creatures that populate these worlds could be. Between re-constructions worthy of the best sci-fi and concepts developed by scientific bases, Alien Worlds is an exciting journey through the galaxies, divided into four chapters of 40 minutes each, capable of intriguing and thrilling.


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