The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video
Don't you want to start watching a new TV series tonight? Have you been so excited about movies lately that you are half asleep? So we propose something different: what we believe are some of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video (Original or not) present on the streaming platform.

A brief overview of documentaries or docu-series that we have almost certainty, they will captivate and entertain you differently. Here are the titles we have selected.

The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

James May - Our Man in Japan Ferro Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer The Farm of Our Dreams The Last Narc

James May - Our Man in Japan

Six episodes, one more beautiful than the other, in which the famous host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour takes us to the discovery of Japan through a full immersion in culture, traditions, curiosities, landscape beauties and the contradictions of the rising sun. Not the usual travel documentary that the internet has accustomed us to seeing especially in recent years, but a grand tour (pardon the pun) in the name of exploration and humor in the company of James May.

The latter proves to be a guide who, thanks to his extensive knowledge and the right degree of humor, can carry out the arduous task of illustrating the complexity of a multifaceted country like Japan. Between forging katanas and j-pop concerts; between trips to deep rural areas and tea ceremonies; and then again there are the dubbing of souls, the construction of huge robots, Shinto temples and haiku. James May recounts his experience in the land of the Rising Sun without the typical superiority of Westerners over Asian countries, but with respect and a never exaggerated irony, returning images of a country rich in culture in a documentary of undisputed quality. Whether you love Japan or not, you can't miss James May - Our Man in Japan, one of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video.


Tiziano Ferro, whether you love him or not, has undoubtedly proved over the years that he is an admirable artist. Thanks to the documentary that portrays its most intimate aspects, it is possible to see it in the round. Ferro is a production directed by director Beppe Tufarulo which brings to the screen, through Amazon Prime Video, not only the successes of the famous Italian singer-songwriter, but also the darkest moments of his life in an exciting and moving journey of discovery.

By means of the visible images in Ferro, some salient moments are retraced, both in public and private life, of an interpreter who certainly marked a turning point in the Italian musical panorama. From issues related to weight to alcoholism, from success on stage to coming out, Ferro ranks among the best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video talking about Titian, but also talking about all of us: a documentary that urges us to accept and respect ourselves, to have courage and not to give up. You don't need to be a fan of Tiziano Ferro to fully appreciate this production, which leads to deep reflections with a sensitive touch. Recommended.

Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

A different point of view on one of the best known and most ruthless serial killers in American history. Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer is in fact a docu-series that does not limit itself to telling the heinous crimes of Bundy committed between '74 and '78, but also extends to embrace the testimonies of those who have lived directly in contact with the "monster" with a double personality: girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and daughter Molly.

The documentary on Amazon Prime Video thus focuses on the statements, the memories, the testimonies of those who have been deceived by the charm and the Ted Bundy's charisma, through the female perspective that provides a picture not only on the disturbed mentality and on the murders committed by the killer, but also on the socio-political context of the time. Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer illustrates with an interesting digression what the cultural and feminist movements of the 70s were, recounting the condition of women among uncertainties, contradictions, abuses and in general a constant climate of danger for women who, however, in this period, the first struggles for the conquest of full emancipation on all fronts began to begin. A glimpse that fits in well with Bundy's story, intimate and in-depth, and of the atrocities committed against women. A powerful and exciting documentary.

The Farm of Our Dreams

Give up your home, your job, your old life and… buy a farm? It can be done, as John and Molly Chester tell us, the two spouses protagonists of the autobiographical documentary La Fattoria dei Sogni. This was in fact shot by John Chester himself, a former cameraman, who together with his wife decided to radically and courageously change their existence.

The award-winning documentary released in 2018 thus tells of the difficult decision taken by the two following a promise made to Todd, their dog: to always remain united. Forced to leave their home due to the constant noises caused by Todd that annoyed the neighbors, John and Molly have thus opted for a truly drastic change of course. They therefore bought a farm north of Los Angeles with no idea of ​​how to start and run it, driven by sheer willpower.

In eight years, the couple have managed to transform a barren two-hundred-acre land in a flourishing place made up of over seventy-five varieties of crops and eight hundred and fifty different species of animals. The Farm of Our Dreams is the dream of many that has come true, in the name of respect and sustainability, at a time when these seem to be very distant values. To admire.

The Last Narc

In recent years, interest in the criminal facts that have marked the countries of South America for a long time has rekindled, thanks to successful movies and TV series. The Last Narc is part of this scenario, a four-episode docu-series that recounts the atrocious facts relating to the murder of the DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena.

The documentary combines visual reconstructions with images and audio original i, telling the raw truth about the terrible murder through the different testimonies of the protagonists who really lived the experience. In fact, in 1985 an atrocious crime was committed against a man accused of "knowing too much", however what The Last Narc tells us is not only the crime of the "usual suspects", but also of those prominent figures within the DEA and the US government who knew and were silent. An in-depth, real and sensitive look on the subject of drug trafficking through the narration of a crime wider than one might believe. A tough and engaging documentary.

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