Unlock Review! Star Wars: escape room in a galaxy far, far away

Unlock Review! Star Wars: escape room in a galaxy far, far away
Unlock! The Escape Game is a popular tabletop escape room series published by Asmodee Italia. The game, suitable for 1-6 players aged 10 and up, re-proposes the experience of escape rooms, bringing the riddles and puzzles into a domestic but no less engaging dimension.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Unlock! Star Wars will immerse you in the popular narrative universe conceived by George Lucas in 1977. Inside the box are contained three adventures that will test you, whether you are a fan of escape room, whether you are the greatest Star Wars experts. br>
The three proposed missions will have a medium-easy difficulty level, with the first two characterized by easy puzzles and the third and last one with a medium difficulty level. You will have 60 minutes to successfully solve each of these scenarios.

We have found that the defined duration of each scenario makes each of the three adventures a rewarding experience, neither too long nor too short.

The three missions proposed by Unlock! Star Wars are:

Escape from Hoth An unexpected delay Secret mission on Jedha In order not to spoil the plot, we will only say that the three adventures will see you as the different factions of the Star Wars universe; in "Escape from Hoth" you will play intrepid Rebels, in "Unexpected Delay" you will be a group of Bounty Hunters and in "Secret Mission to Jedha" you will be engaged in an undercover mission for the Galactic Empire. > In addition to these three adventures, Unlock! Star Wars also contains a short 10-minute Tutorial scenario in which you can familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics and the application in order to get a general idea of ​​the various puzzles to solve.

Like any other table escape room, Unlock too! Star Wars can no longer be replayed once the three proposed adventures have been completed.

Unlock! Star Wars: let's play… but without spoilers!

If you are familiar with this title, having played one of the past editions, you will have no problem finding your way around these new escape rooms too.

Unlock! Star Wars can be played with a casual approach, ie without the need to read the rules book, as the cards indicate very clearly how they are to be used; however, even if you are not a cautious player, we recommend reading the rules booklet and, if this is your first Unlock! we advise you to measure yourself with the Tutorial. It may seem like a superfluous step, however the puzzles in the tutorial are a great warm-up that will help you get into the correct mental form to tackle the other missions.

Each adventure will feature a variety of very different puzzles between them, which require teamwork and which will allow all players to contribute to the solution of the mission.

Solving some of these puzzles will require powers of observation, others require deduction and others still a good dose of intuition and logic. In any case it might be useful to have a pen and paper at hand to keep track of the various progresses.

If one or more puzzles are particularly difficult, in the box you will also find a manual with guided solutions: do not give in to the side dark and avoid reading it (at least before playing).

To start a mission all you have to do is read the first card (the one marked "Start here") with the briefing of the room, start the app stopwatch… and may the Force be with you.

Unlock! Star Wars: the application

Just like its predecessors, even the incarnation of Unlock! Star Wars themed is integrated by a special app that manages every mechanic of the game: the puzzles, the devices, the codes, the clues, the penalties and obviously the game time.

The application thus compensates to the role that in a canonical escape room would be covered by a game master and by the devices (automated or otherwise) of which each room is dotted.

Each section of the app gives access to a numeric keypad that allows you to enter a four-digit code. Obviously these codes will have to be obtained from the various tests to which you will be subjected during the unfolding of the mission.

If the codes are correct, the application will show you how to proceed in the adventure, otherwise the system will assign penalties that will subtract precious minutes. Be very careful to enter the codes by correctly pressing the numbers on the keypad, as the readability of the latter may be a bit difficult. At the end of the adventure, the app will show you the overall rating.

For whom it is suitable

Unlock! Star Wars lends itself to be played by a transversal audience, made up of both experienced players and casual players, and represents a valid alternative to party games as team play is the main factor for victory.

Star Wars fans will love the theming of this edition of Unlock !, whose stories are inspired in consistency with the Star Wars canon.

The level of puzzles is not too difficult and even older children (the game is suitable from 10 years old) can contribute to the success of the missions.

In conclusion

Unlock! Star Wars is an engaging tabletop escape room that transports you to the Star Wars universe. The typical escape room experience is translated effectively and the key to successfully completing the three adventures lies in collaboration and teamwork. The low level of difficulty allows everyone a rewarding and fun experience.

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