The best cosplay in the Star Wars universe

The best cosplay in the Star Wars universe
The Star Wars universe is always full of surprises. Fans of the saga know something about it, especially after the last episode of The Mandalorian we told you about in this article. The live action series, however, is not the only field in which this cult manages to amaze those who approach this fantastic world.

In fact, it is no longer a novelty to find associations or groups of enthusiasts at the various fairs that they gather to pay homage to Star Wars or to teach new adepts how to fight and fight with a lightsaber. Generally, however, those who attract the gaze of the curious to these increasingly frequent events are undoubtedly the cosplayers.

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As we showed you in the Mandalorian shoulder straps tutorial, making a cosplay can be within everyone's reach, so much so that many cosplayers decide to create their own costume based only on their creative and manual skills. The results are sometimes surprising and today we will show you some from all over the world, among the best in the S tar Wars universe. How many of these do you know?

Holtsclaw Cosplay

Given the enormous success that the live action series of The Mandalorian is having, we could only start with one among the most accurate cosplay of our favorite bounty hunter. Holtsclaw Cosplay is an American cosplayer who has faithfully reproduced Din Djarin's armor. It stands out especially for the nice photos together with Grogu, an inevitable addition for this cosplay! His custom-made armor is some of the most similar to be found in the cosplay world.

Alyson Tabbitha

Many know Alyson Tabbitha for her countless transformations thanks to makeup, with which she manages to look like any character she decides to play. Her extraordinary skills allow her to take on the role of protagonists from TV series or movies. Padmè or Leia's are no less, but her cosplay of Rey is something really impressive! With only makeup and without using latex prostheses, Alyson was able to pay full homage to the character of Daisy Ridley.

Maul Cosplay

More will be known for his last appearances as V from Cyberpunk or Eivor from Assassin's Creed Valhalla in the short film The Hunt. His stage name, however, clearly suggests one of his favorite characters: Darth Maul. Ben Bergmann started to be one of the most popular German cosplayers, especially in Europe, thanks to Darth Maul: Apprentice - A Star Wars Fan-Film. With the help of his makeup partner Maja Felicitas, Ben was able to interpret the sith in a surprisingly accurate way.

Old Man Skywalker

Staying in theme that suggest the character played, we certainly could not miss from our list this incredible Luke Skywalker personified by the American Old Man Skywalker! Robert Kutruff is a war veteran and in addition to having a well-made costume complete with a wig, there is also a certain basic resemblance to actor Mark Hamill, emphasized and enhanced by the skilfully used makeup.


Despite first appearing only in the final episode of the second season of the Clone Wars series, General Grievous always manages to attract a fair number of glances at fairs, especially if the cosplay in question is done with some care. JinYo managed to find a really ingenious ploy, which allowed him to move General Grievous without being seen: he hid ... in his cloak!


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Moving instead to the animated part of the Star Wars universe, we will find other noteworthy cosplayers. In particular we have Nonbinate, an American cosplayer who has decided to take on the role of Ahsoka Tano, one of the new entries in The Mandalorian series. However, her costume does not resemble that of the new series on Disney +, but faithfully reproduces that of the Jedi in The Clone Wars, the series created in computer graphics created by George Lucas.


Among the fans of Star Wars, however, there are not only cosplayers who have tried to reproduce in all respects the original costumes of the saga. Some have even tried to give their own personal touch to cosplay while remaining faithful to the chosen character. This is the case of R31STUDIOS, a New Zealand propmaker, who has decided to make his own version of Darth Tenebrous. What differentiates it from the original, for example, are some details added both on the mask and on the bib, but maintaining some fundamental characteristics that make it immediately recognizable. R31STUDIOS is known for his skill in the processing of foam and a beautiful community has been created around him, thanks also to his desire to share little tricks and secrets to become real masters with foam.

Vanessa Laufeyson and mrc.player

As a last step, but not least, we have two Italian cosplayers who have tried their hand at making a couple cosplay: Vanessa Laufeyson and mrc. player. The characters who have decided to represent our compatriots are none other than Padmè and Anakin, in one of the most iconic scenes that took place right in Italy, on Lake Como. Some of their costumes have even been recognized as faithful to the films by official groups such as Rebel Legion and Legion 501, worldwide organizations of Star Wars fans.

If you too want to find a character of Star Wars for your cosplay, you can review the entire saga on Disney +!

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