Google tests the collection of short videos from TikTok and Instagram

Google tests the collection of short videos from TikTok and Instagram

The function has the aim of aggregating the mini videos published on social platforms on Google Discover. The experimentation phase is underway

(Photo: Google) Google Discover users may encounter a new section dedicated to short videos within their personalized feed created by the Big G binder. The novelty is part of a test that the Mountain View giant has begun to conduct and concerns video content from social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

As with news, even the most popular short videos will be included in a dedicated section so that users can watch them without leaving the Big G platform. Nothing to do with Google Stories that allow editorial partners like Forbes, Usa Today, Vice, Now This, Bustle, Thrillist and others to publish short-lived videos which illustrate part of the news reported. This new carousel will aggregate short videos from other platforms and build on users' interests.

Noticed Google pulling in Instagram and TikTok videos into this “short videos” carousel this morning.

- Brian Freiesleben (@type_SEO) December 27, 2020

In the case of Brian Freiselben's tweet, who first reported the presence of the microvideo collector, the algorithm has collected TikTok and Instagram contents related to the Greenbay Packers football team.

The section dedicated to short videos will appear even if a user enters a search query in Google Discover. In that case the collector will present short videos related to the research carried out. By clicking on the video proposed in the Google Discover section, the application will redirect the user to the web version of the selected social platform and not to their mobile application, even if present on the device.

In this way, Google will keep users on its platform since, after viewing the video from the browser, the user will just need to tap on the back arrow to go back to browsing the contents in Google Discover. Big G, without going into details, explained to TechCrunch that this is still a test available only for some mobile devices and that in the future the section dedicated to short videos may not appear for every search query made.

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