Eurogamer Awards 2020: the best games of the year for you readers - article

Eurogamer Awards 2020: the best games of the year for you readers - article
This 2020 was a year we will surely remember. Also for the particularly close relationship that many of us have had with video games: the ideal tool to go through a quarantine trying for a moment to forget about external problems. A year that has also given us videogame pearls that we will hardly forget.

So now it's time to take stock. After having made you select the best games of the year by genre and have done several surveys between the site and our Facebook page, we can now engrave your verdict in stone.

Let's start with the best games of the year divided by genre, even if more and more often it is difficult to insert some titles within hermetic categories. And it is no coincidence that different games could be voted on in different genres.

Best action-adventure of 2020

Let's start with an increasingly popular and popular category: action-adventure that this year have given us so many joys. However, the one most loved by you ever, which has beaten the competition by obtaining 57.2% of the preferences is obviously The Last of Us Part II. Regardless of the debate on narrative choices regarding certain characters, Naughty Dog's latest work has touched emotional chords that we hardly feel vibrate while playing, making us live extremely strong moments, during which it was difficult to hold the controller.

In second place we find the beloved Ghost of Tsushima which has collected 33.1% of the preferences, thanks to its incredible atmosphere and its accurate reconstruction of a feudal Japan that has even bewitched even the Japanese themselves. A setting that gamers have been clamoring for years from Ubisoft for its Assassin's Creed series.

The third position, but with different votes, we finally find Death Stranding: the last great effort by Hideo Kojima who has managed as never before to divide the players into two opposing and totally polarized sides .

Best role-playing game of 2020

Action and role-playing genres are increasingly merging together: the former acquire characteristics typical of RPGs, while the latter, to conquer the market, they are constantly looking for contaminations with dynamic mechanics appealing to the general public.

Cyberpunk 2077, which wins the first place with 35.3% of preferences, is the clear example of this fast and inexorable transformation: an RPG with important role-playing mechanics but contaminated in an overbearing way from the shooter genre.

A little further down in the ranking we find two very welcome returns from the Rising Sun, which deserve the second place on a par with 24.5% of the preferences: Final Fantasy VII Remake, which we were waiting for for several years now and Persona 5 Royal, which this year more than ever has been able to win the hearts of us Italians thanks to localization.

Best competitive game of 2020

The battle between competitive multiplayer games this year has been particularly hard-fought, but undoubtedly the new Activision battle royale dominates: Call of Duty Warzone wins first place with 31.4% of the preferences.

Follows the beloved title or this summer Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout chosen by 23.1% of you and, somewhat unexpectedly, F1 2020 by 17.4% of the drivers who read the pages of Eurogamer.

Best sports-simulation game of 2020

This year there was no match. The non-game Microsoft Flight Simulator beat the competition by obtaining 51.7% of the votes and crushing F1 2020 and FIFA 21 which managed to scrape together only 14.2% and 10.8% of the preferences respectively. br>
However, it is difficult not to understand why Microsoft Flight Simulator stands out in this way in the ranking: it is enough to get lost in the wonderful photos and think that the whole planet has been faithfully reproduced thanks to satellite images and that the weather is dynamic and synchronized with real weather conditions.

Best first-person shooter of 2020

The battle for the best FPS of the year was also short: DOOM Eternal took the 57.6 % of you. Surely because id Software has now discovered the winning formula to create shooters incredibly suitable for historical lovers of the genre, but at the same time projected towards the future. Perhaps partly because the competition this year has been really laughable: the years of full-blown shooters have now come to an end.

A little different speech for the second-placed player: Half-Life Alyx , which only got 21.2% of the votes despite being one of the most innovative and powerful games of the year. However, it is easy to understand that a title developed exclusively for VR on PC (a niche in the niche, considering the power required to play it) cannot be so successful in a survey, when compared to an excellent cross-platform title.

A little further back, in third place we find Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with just 12.1% of the preferences.

Best strategic or management-simulation game of 2020

In this case we had to create a Frankensteinian macro category to avoid having to insert two separate genres but with very few nominated games in them. Even in this case, however, the fight was fast and brutal, because Animal Crossing: New Horizons (a game that deserved a category of its own) took the first position with 42.7% of the preferences.

Then follow diametrically different titles: in second place Desperados 3 with 15.4% of the votes and in third place tied with 14.5% of the votes Gears Tactics and Football Manager 2021.

Best platformer of 2020

Even the platforming genre in recent years has undergone a drastic reduction and it is no wonder that a pearl like Ori and the Will of the Wisps has easily conquered the first position with 44.7% of the preferences , followed by Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time with half the votes and finally Astro's Playroom, a title highly appreciated by those who have played it but unfortunately few people have yet had the opportunity to try, since it is an exclusive pre -installed on PS5.

G ioco of the year 2020

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To decree the game of the year, instead, we first asked you to make a selection via a survey here on the site and then we did some voting on our Facebook page.

In third place we find Ghost of Tsushima, who fought to the end with Doom Eternal. Here the voting on Facebook.

In second place, Cyberpunk 2077, which in spite of all the criticisms of the last few days has received a lot of support from you. But in first place, with more than double the votes compared to the title of CD Projekt RED, we find as expected The Last of Us Part II (which for the record also won with 70.8% of the preferences in the survival horror category of the year). Vote on Facebook here

What do you think of your verdicts? Are you satisfied with the results or do you think that some games would have deserved more visibility? But above all, are you ready for the 2021 videogame?

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