Party games to play on New Year's Eve

Party games to play on New Year's Eve
What are the best party games to play on New Year's Eve? 2020 is coming to an end, but with it the long-awaited and feared New Year's Eve dinner is approaching. This year it will be decidedly more particular and strange than all the others, but precisely because you have to stay at home there is no better than playing some board games. Here are our tips on board games that are quick to learn and fun to play, or those games for large groups that don't have much time or desire to read complex regulations and want to immerse themselves in the game right away.


You will be divided into two teams and your mission will be to transmit secret codes to your teammates while preventing the opposing team from intercepting them. You need intuition, concentration, a lot of imagination and also a good knowledge of your teammates, but this last point will not be fundamental.

Number of players: officially from 3 to 8, but you can also create more teams numerous without problems. Average length: officially 30 minutes, but often closer to 50. »Click here to buy Decrypto

Exploding Kittens

Famous for its irreverence, Exploding Kittens is a fantastic board game created by Matthew Inman, Elan Lee and Shane Small and brought to Italy by Asmodee Italia. It is a card game that represents the feline and strategic version of the classic Russian roulette: the winner will be the one who will be able to eliminate all the other players using the randomness of the explosive cats. There are two versions: one classic and one forbidden to under 18s.

Number of players: from 2 to 5, but by buying more boxes it is possible to combine the decks and double the number of players. Average duration: about 15 minutes. »Click here to buy Classic Exploding Kittens

»Click here to buy Exploding Kittens under 18's edition

The Resistance: Avalon

This game will take you to the realm of King Arthur and you will be a group of knights loyal to the king who will have to destroy the evil forces planes. It won't be easy because there will be two Mordor spies around you who will try to sabotage your plans and create a climate of suspicion among the players. The characters will also have special abilities that will enrich even more a game full of suspicions, deductions and bluffs. The Resistance is also available in a classic version with a sci-fi setting, but almost identical rules.

Number of players: 5-10. Average duration: 30 minutes. »Click here to buy The Resistance: Avalon

» Click here to buy The Resistance

Dixit Odissey

This is a reinterpretation of the famous party game that made the history of the genre. Each player will have a certain number of cards, each depicting surreal and dreamlike images. The player whose turn it is will have to choose one and define it through a word or a phrase that can characterize it. The other players will have to choose from their hand a card that is closest to the concept expressed by the player of the previous round. After that the cards are revealed on the table and the players have to guess the narrator's card. The game is also expandable through 8 additional decks sold separately.

Number of players: 3-12. Average duration: 30-40 minutes. »Click here to buy Dixit Odissey

The Chameleon

We can't miss the winner of the UK Expo Game's Best Party Game award in 2017. The mechanics are very simple, but original and innovative: one of the forty available boards is taken out and all players receive the same copy of a tile. The aim of the game will be to find out what will be the secret word of the game decided by rolling two special dice that indicate the relative column and row of the board. Among the players there will be “The Chameleon” who will know the exact location of the secret word, but not the relative word. The goal of the "hunters" is to hunt down the Chameleon, the one who knows the least what the secret word is.

Number of players: 5-8. Average duration: 10-15 minutes. »Click here to buy The Chameleon

Just One

Just One is a cooperative party game whose goal is to make one of the players guess a mysterious word by secretly writing a clue on your tripod. The player who will have to guess the word will choose a number from 1 to 5, this will correspond to the word that the players will have to make him guess. Each player will choose their clue secretly, as the same clues will be canceled making it even more difficult to guess the mystery word. In the end, the aim of the game will be to score as many points as possible.

Number of players: 3−7. Average duration: 20 minutes. »Click here to buy Just One

Shadows Amsterdam

You will split into two teams that will compete in real time, using images to communicate with teammates . A coordinator of each team will try to direct you to the important positions of the map through images that can be connected to the relevant fundamental points, the remaining team members will have to try to communicate with each other to guess the position. Be careful as you can risk finding the police and losing the game.

Numbers of players: 2-8, but even more people is still feasible. Average duration: about 20 minutes. »Click here to buy Shadows Amsterdam

Cash 'n Guns

This is the classic Mexican stall style game. When dividing loot, each player points their weapon at another player secretly using a real or fake bullet card. After that you can decide to retire, losing the chance to win the loot or stay hoping not to get hurt. The player with the most wealth will be the winner of the game.

Number of players: 4-8. Average duration: 30-40 minutes. »Click here to buy Cash 'n Guns

When I Dream

A night mask and lots of cards to guess, but what is the purpose of the game? Simple, a player will wear the night mask and will have to guess as many cards as possible in about three minutes. The clues will be given by the other players that will help him to guess the cards, but beware not all players will be honest. Each player will have a role: Fairy, Babau and Sandman. The Fairies help the Dreamer with correct clues, the Babau will accumulate points based on the wrong cards and the Sandmans will score more points only if the number of guessed cards is balanced with the number of wrong cards. The Dreamer, therefore, must be careful to trust the right people.

Number of players: 4-10. Average duration: about 3 minutes per player, then 12-30 depending on how many players there are. »Click here to buy When I Dream


In this party game you will take on the role of wizards as crazy as they are evil. Spell after spell you will try to make life difficult for your opponents who will have to play on one foot, hiss every word, stand with their arms crossed or howl before rolling the die. If the penances are too heavy, you will acquire points and they will lose. Of course, the fun and embarrassment of penances is guaranteed.

Number of players: 3-6. Average duration: 30 minutes. »Click here to buy Voodoo


It is a game with a horror aftertaste where mystery, deduction and communication are fundamental elements. A quiet village has discovered that some Shadow creatures are hiding inside. Certainly there are werewolves, but there are also far worse dangers. The villagers will have to try to locate and kill them before it's too late, but the werewolves and other amenities will also have to defend themselves by devouring helpless humans. The fight will continue until the men are completely killed or until they eliminate the last of the Shadow creatures.

Number of players: 8 and up. Average duration: 30-60 minutes. »Click here to buy Wherewolf


Did you think that hoeing the land and growing beans was boring? Then you have never played Semenza. In this fast strategic board game you will have to be able to get the most profit from the cultivation of beans. The more seeds you plant, the greater the profit will be when the crop is sold. Unfortunately, however, sometimes you will be forced to sell at lower prices and other times the harvest will not bring you any profit. The player with the most coins at the end of the game will be the winner. In the new version of the game there is also an interesting expansion.

Number of players: 2-7. Average duration: 45-60 minutes. »Click here to buy Seed

Yes, Dark Lord!

You are back at the dark Tower of Dark Sorcery, but after another mission went wrong the Lord of the Lost Lands is sure to be enraged, what are you doing? You start lying by blaming other players. Too bad that the other players had the same idea as you. The aim of the game, therefore, will be to create the most imaginative and credible story possible in such a way as to justify yourself in front of the Dark Lord. To do this, there are more than 150 cards available. It goes without saying that it is one of the most famous Italian games of all time that certainly cannot be missing in the collection of any board game enthusiast.

Number of players: 4-16. Average duration: about 30 minutes. »Click here to buy Yes, Dark Lord!

Camel Up

Camel Up is a party game where players will have to bet on a camel race, choosing the winner and the last place as well as the positions intermediate during the race. Players will be able to choose between 4 different actions and the progress of the camels is controlled by a pyramid throwing dice. Are you ready to take part in the craziest race there is?

Number of players: 2-8. Average duration: 20-30 minutes. »Click here to buy Camel Up


Your imagination will be ignited by 60 transparent cards that will lead you to propose or guess the puzzles presented and chosen at home among the more than 500 suggestions present. You will therefore have to place the cards side by side in sequence or place them one on top of the other so as to create, if desired, an animation that will spark your imagination.

Number of players: 2-8, but the number can also be increased. Average duration: 10-15 minutes. »Click here to buy Imagine

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