Surface Pro 8 will have a modular design

Surface Pro 8 will have a modular design

A patent appears with an interchangeable and replaceable housing panel to add new functions

(Photo: Microsoft / USPTO) Surface Pro 8 could debut in the first part of 2021 with great design changes and an improvement as far as concerns the data sheet. Traces of its imminent arrival have been identified in some online stores and it is now possible to draw up the almost complete list of technical specifications. It should be presented alongside the new version of the Surface Laptop 4 laptop.

A recent patent filed by Microsoft hints at a modification of the chassis of the future Surface Pro to accommodate an interchangeable housing panel that can be replaced for example to enable a faster web connection. But not only that: the basic idea would be to design the structure with a modular part that on the one hand changes the appearance of the device and on the other allows to activate new functions.

The example described in patent is dedicated to wireless broadband connection with the passage from a moderate speed to a more performing one by replacing the standard wi-fi module with the more advanced one. But nothing prevents other modules from being hooked up to devote themselves to other tasks from multimedia to productivity. Furthermore, the description mentions not only the Surface Pro model but also the other convertible Surface Book.

(Photo: Microsoft / USPTO) If the patent will ever be applied in production with this generation, there are more chances which will debut on the Surface Pro line since Surface Book 3 was unveiled a few months ago and is not expected to welcome a new version for at least another year. Surface Pro 8 should instead peep out in the coming months by focusing on the Intel Tiger Lake platform.

The new model of Surface Pro 8 should debut in gray or black with a data sheet should count on up to 32 gb of ram, while the processors would be i5 or i7 and the internal memory would go from a minimum of 128 gb for the basic model at 1 tb for the more advanced one that would focus on the Core i7-1165G7 chip with clock frequency up to 4.7 GHz and a price around 3000 euros.

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