In Finland, too, a cyber attack hit parliament

In Finland, too, a cyber attack hit parliament

The mailboxes of some Members have been targeted. The same script from Norway is replicated. The suspicion of coordinated action by a state

The Finnish parliament was the victim of a cyberattack (image: Eduskunta) The Finnish parliament was the victim of a cyber attack that, between summer and autumn , targeted the e-mail accounts of some Members. The confirmation comes directly from the officials of the Eduskunta (Finnish name of the parliament) who in a statement say that the attack in question "was discovered by technical surveillance".

From the investigations conducted by the National bureau of investigation ( Nbi) and promoted by the Finnish Parliament itself, it emerged that the attack on the parliamentarians' mailboxes would have taken place at the same time as the Apt28 group of cybercriminals, considered close to Russian intelligence, managed to force computer systems and access the mailboxes of Norwegian parliamentarians. Again, the hackers would have breached the computer system of parliament, thus freely accessing the e-mail accounts of some deputies.

According to investigators, the attack would be part of a broader cyber espionage campaign conducted by actors sponsored by a foreign state with the intention of harming Finland. The breach appears to have caused no further damage to Parliament's IT infrastructure. For now, the authorities have decided not to communicate the exact number of those affected, so as not to compromise the investigation, even though they have specified that more than one deputy has been infiltrated into their email inbox. Finland has called for coordinated action at European and international level to put an end to this kind of attacks.

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