Ratatouille's musical born on TikTok debuts on Broadway

Ratatouille's musical born on TikTok debuts on Broadway

Big names involved to stage the adaptation of the Pixar film born spontaneously on the app. The funds will be donated to charity

Poster of the Ratatouille musical (source: Twitter) Ratatouille: the TikTok Musical lands on Broadway bringing to the stage the show born from the remote collaboration of the creators of the ByteDance platform and inspired by the Pixar film of 2007, which features a mouse capable of cooking dishes worthy of a great chef. Through TikTok influencers and users have given life first to some songs, then to real miniature scenographies, finally creating a complete musical and a viral phenomenon, which now receives the consecration with a transposition to Broadway.

I ' m joining the cast of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical as REMY 🤩🐭 to support @TheActorsFund on January 1st! Follow @Ratatousical and visit https://t.co/PC7cTViLsf to learn more! #RatatouilleMusical pic.twitter.com/1RRasI0M7N

- Tituss Burgess (@Instatituss) December 28, 2020

From January 1st the show will be streamed and will see the likes of Adam Lambert, Wayne Brady, Kevin Chamberlin, Mary Testa and Priscilla Lopez. To Tituss Burgess the role of the little chef Remy.

Tickets to attend the show can be purchased on the site ratatousical.com and the proceeds will be entirely donated to the Actor Fund, a support fund for the workers of the show business affected by the aftermath of the pandemic.

The musical was born almost as a joke among the creators of TikTok who, duet after duet, composed the songs of the musical, the choreography, the adaptation of the screenplay and the sets. The project was so acclaimed on the net that it reached the ears of Patton Oswalt, the comedian who in the original version dubbed the mouse Remy, and subsequently involved the great Broadway actors, who decided to stage the show. br>
1/1/21 🐀👨‍🍳

Your musical, cooked to perfection. Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical is now on sale, exclusively on TodayTix.

Proceeds will benefit @TheActorsFund.

Bon appétit. #RatatouilleMusical @ratatousical https://t.co/9zL637hADq pic.twitter.com/cdmAvcWTUY

- TomorrowTix (@TodayTix) December 9, 2020

TodayTix, who deals with ticket sales and who will stream the show, made it known through a tweet that the creators who collaborated to bring this musical to life will be rewarded. Although she wasn't directly involved in the project, Disney appears to have given her blessing to the musical. The first will be held at 7 pm on January 1, according to the time zone of the east coast of the United States (in Italy it will have just passed 1 January 2). The show will then be available on demand for the next 72 hours.

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